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Rabbi Weinreb’s Parsha Column, Noach
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“Filling in the Blanks” The Torah is replete with inspiring stories of its heroes. The lives of Abraham, Jacob, Moses, and David, to name just a few, are narrated at great length and in vivid detail. Their noble acts and admirable accomplishments are described, and even their occasional faults or failures are not hidden from […]
Rabbi Weinreb’s Parsha Column, Yom Kippur
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Imagine a very important project in which you were once involved. It could have been at work, in school, or in your personal life. You gave it your all. You used all the resources at your command, involving many other people, spending quite a bit of money, and investing a lot of your own time and energy. You were confident that you had done everything possible to guarantee the success of this project.
Rabbi Weinreb’s Parsha Column, Ha’azinu
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Repression of the Sublime It was advertised as one symposium at a major psychology conference. It was to be a discussion about memory and forgetfulness. But it turned out to be one of the most intense and instructive days that I have ever witnessed. The first speaker began by insisting that the fact that we […]