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Haftarah for Re’eh
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Israel is like one who has been tossed about by a storm. G-d will pave our floors and gates with precious gems, not only in the Temple and Jerusalem, but throughout the land. All our children will study the ways of G-d and they will have great peace. We will be firmly established because of […]
Haftarah for Eikev
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The land weeps that G-d has “forgotten” her, but that would be like a mother just forgetting her baby. And even though there may be such neglectful mothers, G-d still won’t overlook the land. It’s as if the land of Israel were engraved on G-d’s “hands” – that’s how unforgettable the land is to Him. […]
Haftarah for Va’etchanan
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This chapter is the famous “Nachamu,” read as the haftarah the Shabbos following Tisha b’Av. Often translated as “be comforted, My people,” Rashi informs us that such is not really the case. Grammatically, G-d is speaking to the prophets and telling them, “comfort My people.” This is a prophecy for Messianic times, or for the […]