II Samuel – Chapter 24

March 2, 2012, by

G-d got angry at the Jewish people (we’re not told why) and He tempted David to sin. (Why did He tempt David to sin? Way back in I Samuel 26, David said to Saul, “If G-d put the idea in your head to persecute me…” Basically, G-d was saying, “Oh, I put such ideas in […]

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II Samuel – Chapter 23

March 1, 2012, by

These are not literally David’s last words; they are his last prophetic words. (If so, what were his first prophetic words? Rashi says the song in the previous chapter. All of Psalms were written with Divine inspiration, but not all of its songs are referred to as “words,” meaning words of prophecy.) In his “last […]

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II Samuel – Chapter 22

February 29, 2012, by

As you may be aware, King David composed Tehillim, the Book of Psalms. Throughout all the trials that he endured in his life, whether being pursued by Saul, his family being abducted, a baby dying, one child raping another then being murdered by a third, being driven from his throne, etc., etc., etc., he always […]

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II Samuel – Chapter 21

February 28, 2012, by

There was a three-year famine during the reign of King David. (The commentators disagree as to whether this incident occurred at this time in the narrative or earlier.) David inquired of G-d as to the cause and he was told that there were two reasons. First, it was because Saul was not properly eulogized and […]

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II Samuel – Chapter 20

February 27, 2012, by

A man from the Tribe of Benjamin named Sheva ben Bichri held a grudge that David (from the Tribe of Judah) had “usurped” the throne from Saul (a fellow Benjaminite). He refuted David’s claim to the throne and called upon others to join him in his rebellion. (He either wanted to become king himself or […]

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II Samuel – Chapter 19

February 26, 2012, by

David grieved over Absalom’s death. He went upstairs and cried, “Avshalom, my son! If only I could have died in your place!” (He actually said “Avshalom” five times and “my son” eight times.) This turned the victory celebration of David’s followers into a period of mourning. Yoav came and gave David a metaphorical “slap in […]

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II Samuel – Chapter 18

February 25, 2012, by

David divided his army into three forces, appointing Yoav, Avishai and Ittai each to head a division. He wanted to go into battle, too, but his men objected. Capturing or killing David was the main objective of Avshalom’s army. Having David on the battlefield was what they wanted! It would be better if David stayed […]

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II Samuel – Chapter 17

February 24, 2012, by

Achitofel’s next advice: he wanted to gather 12,000 troops to pursue David in order to strike him down while he was tired from fleeing and ill-prepared. With this strategy, Achitofel was sure there would be minimal casualties. Avshalom liked the idea, but he asked Chushai for his input. Chushai, who was secretly working in David’s […]

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