I Samuel – Chapter 31

February 7, 2012, by

Meanwhile, Shaul and his army were fighting the Philistines. The Jews were overpowered; they retreated and were killed in large numbers. Shaul’s sons Jonathan, Avinadav, and Malki-Shua were all killed in battle. (His son Ishboshes wasn’t there, as we shall see in II Samuel.) Archers approached Shaul and he became scared of being captured, tortured, […]

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I Samuel – Chapter 30

February 6, 2012, by

Arriving home to Ziklag, David and his men discovered that the Amalekites had attacked in their absence. They burned the city and took all the women and children captive. (Miraculously, they didn’t kill anybody, quite counter to their usual modus operandi.) David’s wives Achinoam and Avigayil were also among the captives. The people were so […]

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I Samuel – Chapter 29

February 5, 2012, by

The Philistine army advanced, David and his men among them. The Philistine generals ojected to Achish about the Jews in their ranks; they didn’t trust them. (Rightfully so!) Achish stuck up for David, but the officers wouldn’t hear of it. They remembered the songs praising David for all the Philistines he killed! Achish called David […]

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Introduction to the Book of Job

May 27, 2011, by

Job is a very unusual Book, unique in many ways. For starters, there is no consensus as to when Job lived – or even if he ever actually lived at all! The Talmud, in tractate Baba Basra (15a-b) relates a number of opinions. R. Yehoshua b. Levi says Job lived in Moses’ day; R. Yochanan […]

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I Kings – Chapter 5

March 7, 2011, by

Solomon ruled from the Euphrates River to the Philistine territory to the border of Egypt; the kings of neighboring lands paid him tribute. One day’s supplies for Solomon’s household included well over 1,000 bushels of wheat, 30 oxen, 100 sheep and goats, as well as many other types of meat and fowl. It is estimated […]

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