Judges – Chapter 20

January 17, 2014, by

Every Tribe sent representatives to the national meeting at Mitzpah. The Levite man told his story and the nation demanded an explanation from the Tribe of Benjamin. Benjamin refused to yield to national authority, insisting that they would deal with the situation as an internal matter. This was unacceptable to the rest of the Tribes, […]

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Judges – Chapter 19

January 16, 2014, by

Another story from the early days of the Judges: there was a Levite who lived in Mt. Ephraim whose concubine left him and returned to her father’s home. After four months, the Levite went to retrieve her. Everyone was reconciled and the Levite stayed at his father-in-law’s house for several days. (A concubine is sort […]

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Judges – Chapter 18

January 15, 2014, by

Despite being placed after the story of Samson, there is a consensus that it actually occurred much earlier, in the time of Osniel, the first Judge. Scouts from the Tribe of Dan were looking for territory when they discovered the altar in Micah’s house. They asked the Levite if they would be successful in their […]

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Judges – Chapter 17

January 14, 2014, by

There was a man from Mt. Ephraim named Micah, who stole a large sum of silver from his mother, but returned it fearing her curse on the thief. She had already resolved to consecrate the money, so she gave it back to him to have made into a statue. When he received the statue from […]

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Judges – Chapter 16

January 13, 2014, by

Samson went to Gaza where he saw a prostitute and desired her. The Philistines were told that Samson was in town, so they set an ambush. No problem for Samson! He simply ripped the city gates off the wall and carried them away with him. But here’s where the trouble began: Samson was permitted to […]

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