I Samuel – Chapter 8

January 26, 2014, by

Having grown old because of the rigors of his job, Shmuel appointed his sons to assist him. They turned out to be unfit for the job; they took bribes and judged dishonestly. The Elders approached Shmuel and said that since he was getting too feeble to handle the task, and since his sons were unfit […]

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I Samuel – Chapter 7

January 25, 2014, by

The people of Kiryas Ye’arim took the Ark and put it in the house of a man named Avinadav, where it would reside for twenty years. Shmuel then presided over a national teshuvah movement. (“Teshuvah” means repentance, or a return to G-d.) The Jews discarded their idols and turned to G-d. At a national gathering […]

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I Samuel – Chapter 6

January 24, 2014, by

The Philistines asked their priests what to do about the fiasco with the Ark. They didn’t say to send it back, but they did say, IF they were going to send the Ark back, a gift should be included to appease G-d. The gift was five golden hemorrhoids and five golden mice, to represent the […]

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I Samuel – Chapter 5

January 23, 2014, by

Having captured the Ark from the Jews, the Philistines took it to the city of Ashdod and put it in the house of their idol, Dagon, who was possibly in the form a merman. The logic behind this move was that the “gods” would probably enjoy hanging out together. The next day, however, the Philistines […]

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I Samuel – Chapter 4

January 22, 2014, by

Israel went to war against the Philistines. The Jews lost the battle, so they brought the Ark out to the battlefield. The Philistine forces became scared that G-d Himself had joined the fray, but their leaers encouraged them to be brave. The Philistines won this battle, too. Eli’s sons, Chofni and Pinchas, were both killed […]

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I Samuel – Chapter 3

January 21, 2014, by

One night, G-d called to Shmuel. Shmuel wasn’t training to be a prophet, so he didn’t know what he was hearing. He assumed it was Eli calling him. Eli said, “I didn’t call you” and sent Shmuel back to bed. G-d called a second time; once again, Shmuel ran to Eli, who again dismissed him. […]

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I Samuel – Chapter 2

January 20, 2014, by

When Chana brought Shmuel to the Tabernacle, she sang a song of praise to Hashem that is full of prophetic meaning. As with Deborah’s song in Judges, there’s no way a synopsis can do it justice, so make sure you read it for yourself. Shmuel remained with Eli in the Tabernacle, to be trained in […]

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I Samuel – Chapter 1

January 19, 2014, by

There was a man named Elkanah, who was Levite from Mt. Ephraim. Elkanah had two wives; Chana (Hannah) had no children, but Penina did. When Elkanah would bring a sacrifice, he would always give Chana an extra portion, but it was small consolation. Peninah would make snide comments that only made Chana feel worse. Chana […]

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Judges – Chapter 21

January 18, 2014, by

Because of the atrocity committed in Gibeah, the other Tribes had sworn at the meeting in Mitzpah not to give their daughters as wives to the Tribe of Benjamin. Now they had a problem: the entire Tribe had been wiped out except for the 600 refugees! What could be done? They couldn’t violate their oath, […]

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