I Samuel – Chapter 15

February 2, 2014, by

Now that the nation had settled the land and appointed a king, G-d sent word through Shmuel that it was time to fulfill the obligation of eradicating the nation of Amalek, who attacked Israel after they left Egypt. G-d commanded to destroy the entire nation of Amalek, including the livestock. Shaul sent word to the […]

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I Samuel – Chapter 14

February 1, 2014, by

On his own initiative, Shaul’s son Jonathan took his armor-bearer and went to spy out the Philistine camp. Nobody knew that they had gone. Jonathan knew that, when they saw Philistines, if the enemy said “Halt – we’ll come to you” that they were strong and confident, but if they said, “Hey, come here,” then […]

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I Samuel – Chapter 13

January 31, 2014, by

Shaul selected 3,000 troops for his standing army and sent the rest of the people home. Shaul’s son Jonathan, looking to provoke a battle with the Philistines, assassinated a Philistine commander. Saul gathered his army in Gilgal, while the Philistines mounted their forces. The people of Israel were massively intimidated by the size of the […]

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I Samuel – Chapter 12

January 30, 2014, by

Now that Shaul had been crowned king, Shmuel was ready to withdraw from his role as Judge. (He would still serve as prophet, but he was no longer the head of the government or the military.) Shmuel asked if anyone had any complaints against him; nobody did. Shmuel then reminded the people that it was […]

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I Samuel – Chapter 11

January 29, 2014, by

Nachash, ruler of Ammon, attacked the city of Yaveish. They asked for a pact, in which case they would agree to serve him. He said, “One one condition – each of you must put out his right eye.” (The commentators explain this to symbolically refer to a number of things, for example dissolving the Sanhedrin.) […]

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I Samuel – Chapter 10

January 28, 2014, by

Shmuel anointed Shaul with oil – the commentators differ as to whether this was the shemen hamishcha, the special oil prepared by Moses, which was used to anoint the kings of the Davidic dynasty. Then, Shmuel gave Shaul three signs. First, he would meet two men who would tell him that his lost donkeys were […]

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I Samuel – Chapter 9

January 27, 2014, by

A man from the Tribe of Benjamin named Kish had a tall, handsome son named Shaul (Saul). One day, Kish’s donkeys went missing, so he sent Shaul and a servant to go look for them. Shaul traveled far and wide, but he didn’t find the donkeys. After a while, Shaul suggested that they return home, […]

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