I Samuel – Chapter 22

February 9, 2014, by

David left Gath and fled to Adulam. His family heard and joined him there. He was also joined by a variety of equally troubled and oppressed people who identified with him, 400 in all. David went to the King of Moav and asked if his parents could stay there. (His logic was that they were […]

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I Samuel – Chapter 21

February 8, 2014, by

Jonathan went home and David took his forces to Nov a city of Kohanim (Jewish ‘priests” – descendants of Aaron). He told Achimelech that he was on a secret mission for Shaul and asked for food for his troops. Achimelech told David that all he had was “sacred bread” (probably the lechem hapanim – the […]

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I Samuel – Chapter 20

February 7, 2014, by

David ran to Jonathan. “Uh, Jonathan? Your father is still trying to kill me.” “No, he’s not – he promised me he’d stop!” “I promise you, he’s still after me! He just didn’t tell you because he knows we’re friends!” “Okay, David, what do you want me to do?” “Tomorrow is Rosh Chodesh. I’ll hide […]

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I Samuel – Chapter 19

February 6, 2014, by

Shaul spoke to his advisors about killing David, but Jonathan warned David. He told him to hide out while he spoke to his father about him; he would report back to David as to Shaul’s disposition. Jonathan then spoke to his father the king about David, assuring him that David was as loyal as they […]

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I Samuel – Chapter 18

February 5, 2014, by

David became great friends with Shaul’s son Jonathan (Yonason). After the victory over Goliath, David was drafted to Shaul’s service full-time, so he no longer commuted between his family and the king. David became renowned as a great warrior and the people composed a song in his honor, the refrain of which went, “Shaul has […]

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I Samuel – Chapter 17

February 4, 2014, by

The Philistines set up a camp on the opposite side of a valley from the Tribe of Judah. They had a champion named Goliath who was a giant of 12 or 13 feet tall. (That may not be as supernaturally large as some people like to depict him, but you have to admit that it’s […]

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I Samuel – Chapter 16

February 3, 2014, by

G-d told Shmuel to “get over” Shaul because He was sending him to anoint his successor, one of the sons of Jesse of Bethlehem. Shmuel was concerned that Shaul would find out and try to kill him. (Yes, Shmuel had faith that G-d would protect him, but one cannot rely on miracles; due diligence must […]

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