Jeremiah: Not a Bullfrog

July 1, 2014, by

Despite what the song may say, Jeremiah was NOT a bullfrog. The prophet Yirmiyahu was one of the three “major prophets” of the Bible, the other two being Yeshayahu (Isaiah) and Yechezkel (Ezekiel). They are “major” because their Books are large, as opposed to the “minor” prophets, whose Books are small. (The “minor” prophets’ books […]

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Isaiah and the Haftarah

May 23, 2014, by

The haftarah is a weekly portion from a book of Neviim (the Prophets), that is read after the Torah reading on Shabbos and on many other special days. Typically, the haftarah has a thematic connection to the Torah reading, as it was originally introduced as a substitute for the regular reading at a time when […]

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Introduction to Isaiah

May 1, 2014, by

Yeshaya (Isaiah) is the first book of the Neviim Acharonim, the Later Prophets. While the books of the Neviim Rishonim, the Early Prophets, focus heavily on the history of the Jewish people from the time of Joshua until the Babylonian exile, the Later Prophets focus on the actual prophecies of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and the […]

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I Samuel – Chapter 28

February 15, 2014, by

King Achish prepared for war against Israel and he appointed David to his personal retinue, thinking he was loyal to the Philistine cause. David answered with an ambiguous, “Just wait until you see what I do!”(At this point, he wasn’t 100% sure how he was going to get out of it.) Meanwhile, Shaul was looking […]

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I Samuel – Chapter 27

February 14, 2014, by

David knew that his business with Shaul wasn’t finished. It was only a matter of time before he turned on him again. David decided to “get out of town.” He took his men back to Gath. While his last escape there did not go well, by this time his struggles with Shaul were well known […]

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I Samuel – Chapter 26

February 13, 2014, by

The people of Ziff, who betrayed David once before, again told Shaul where David could be found. Shaul, easily influenced by people bad-mouthing David, set off after him again. David found out and learned where Shaul’s army was camped. David and his nephew Avishai sneaked into Shaul’s camp while the army was sleeping. (G-d arranged […]

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I Samuel – Chapter 25

February 12, 2014, by

The prophet Shmuel (Samuel) died and the entire nation mourned for him. David, experience telling him not to trust Shaul, resumed his flight. There was a wealthy man named Naval who owned a lot of sheep. Naval was a descendant of the noble Calev (Caleb), but he was an evil, petty man. David’s men had […]

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I Samuel – Chapter 24

February 11, 2014, by

David went to Ein Gedi. Shaul finished his business with the Philistines and resumed his pursuit of David. At one point, Shaul entered a particular cave in order to use it as a rest room, while David and his men were at the other end. David’s men were ecstatic that G-d had delivered Shaul into […]

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I Samuel – Chapter 23

February 10, 2014, by

David got word that the Philistines were pillaging the granaries in a town called K’ila. Using the Urim and Tumim, David asked of G-d whether they should go to help; G-d said yes. Aware that, in the past, asking the wrong question had led to disastrous results (as in Judges chapter 20), David’s men were […]

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