The Fourth Foundation: God is Eternal

October 29, 2010, by

The fourth foundation of the Jewish faith is that, just as God is not bound in space, He is not bound in time. He has no beginning and no end; nothing else can claim this quality. The Torah addresses this principle when it speaks of “the stronghold of the eternal God” (Deut. 33:27). In the […]

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The Third Foundation: God is Incorporeal

October 22, 2010, by

The third foundation of the Jewish faith is that God has no physical form and physical limitations by definition cannot apply to Him. Anything that describes God as moving or residing in a particular place – or having body parts like eyes or hands – is mere metaphor for our benefit. The Talmudic principle is […]

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The Second Foundation: God is One

October 15, 2010, by

The second foundation of the Jewish faith is that God is unique. There is no other being like Him – no mate or family. Furthermore, He is indivisible and cannot be divided into parts. To this end, the Torah tells us, “Listen, Israel – Hashem is our God, Hashem is One” (Deut. 6:4). We repeat […]

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The First Foundation: God made everything

October 8, 2010, by

The tenth chapter of the Mishnaic tractate Sanhedrin is called Chelek, meaning a portion as in “All Jews have a portion in the World to Come…” (There are, however, certain exceptions.) In his commentary on the Mishna, the Rambam elaborates on the bases of the Jewish faith. His descriptions of the foundations of Judaism have […]

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