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207. The Arayos – Niddah
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Back in Mitzvah #181, we discussed the nature of menstrual impurity. Really, it’s just one of many kinds of ritual impurity, some of which were unique to women or men, but most of which were gender-neutral. There, we said that the reason this impurity – called niddah impurity – is still practiced today is that […]
206. The Arayos – Sister-in-Law II
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Polygamy was permitted by the Torah, though it was later banned in most communities. Even though polygamy was still allowed, a man was not permitted to marry his wife’s sister, as this would be a source of bad blood. This particular prohibition remained in effect even if the couple divorced (because having your sister marry […]
205. The Arayos – Grandmother and Granddaughter II
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This mitzvah is essentially the same as the previous one, substituting “daughter’s daughter” for “son’s daughter.” The upshot of this group of three mitzvos is that when a man marries a woman, six ancestors/descendants become forbidden to him by Torah law: his wife’s mother, her grandmother on her mother’s side, her grandmother on her father’s […]