229. Stick ‘Em Up!: The prohibition against robbing by force

January 12, 2014, by

In Mitzvah #224, we discussed geneivah, the prohibition against stealing with stealth. This mitzvah addresses gezeilah, which is robbing openly, through force or intimidation. The reason for this mitzvah, aside from the personal property rights that we discussed previously, is that permitting or overlooking such robbery would foster a concept of “might makes right.” If […]

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227. That’s My Story and I’m Sticking to It: The prohibition against swearing falsely

January 10, 2014, by

Over the past three mitzvos, we have said: (1) Don’t steal sneakily; (2) don’t deny having someone else’s property since that’s stealing, too; and (3) certainly don’t swear falsely that you don’t have someone else’s property! This mitzvah continues the chain of mitzvos by telling us not to swear falsely about any matter whatsoever. (As […]

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