Israel and the Nations

July 20, 2014, by

Jews all over the world are aware of the unusual hostility harbored by the Nations towards our people and our Country. Nevertheless, our long history among the Nations has been studded with periods of neutrality or even positivism. When the attitudes of the Nations towards the Jewish People are good, we experience a sense of […]

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Letter of the Law

June 26, 2014, by

Most of us will agree that the commandments of the Torah are divine and righteous. It is only reasonable that we should make all efforts to observe them in the most literal and meticulous manner possible. But sometimes we neglect the literal observance of a commandment because we feel that we understand the reason behind […]

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Good Intentions, Bad Decisions

May 26, 2014, by

The decisions we make in our lifetimes are usually motivated by harmless intentions. Few people do not really understand that harming someone else with his actions is repugnant. Sometimes we take a course of action with the specific intention of doing what we feel is right or correct. We do this with the best of […]

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The Size of a Mitzvah

April 25, 2014, by

Many people focus their energies on what appears to them to be an important commandment or a “big mitzvah,” often neglecting what they think is not such an important commandment or a “smaller mitzvah.” What makes one commandment more important to us than another or one mitzvah bigger than another is often subjective. Commonly, the […]

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April 14, 2014, by

We turn our hopes to God when a difficult situation arises and we need to believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  But as time passes and we do not see a way out of our situation, we are quick to dismiss that God has propitious plans for us, all […]

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March 30, 2014, by

Unity among the Jewish people definitely exists, perhaps more than among other people. When the life of a fellow Jew is at risk, Jews of all backgrounds come together to try to save him.  We perform  gemiluyoth hasadim for each other without any discrimination. Tolerance also exists among our people. We live in harmony with […]

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I Don’t Know

March 21, 2014, by

We lay great stress on off-hand knowledge. Who hasn’t been impressed by the breadth of knowledge of a great scholar especially one who is proficient in the subjects of the Torah? We may even find that we tend to dismiss a person who does not exhibit proficiency as unauthoritative or even incompetent, and certainly one […]

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It’s Not Your Fault

March 6, 2014, by

When misfortune befalls us some of us will introspect and search within our souls for the cause of this misfortune. We’ll ask ourselves what it is that we have done to deserve this. We may assume that we went wrong somewhere. Perhaps we did something wrong to someone. Perhaps we have neglected some of God’s […]

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The Wisdom of Women

February 17, 2014, by

“Behind every good man is an even better woman”. We have all heard this expression and probably have complimented our wives with it. We may have used it as a form of flattery even with the noblest of intentions. We may have even spun the facts to make her feel cherished and appreciated. However, the […]

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February 13, 2014, by

When we contemplate our lives we may observe that one endeavor after another has failed on us. Some of us fault ourselves. Success is possible if we only tried a little harder or had a slightly better plan. Perhaps the time was just not right. Others fault the world. The world is not designed for […]

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