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Tzarich Iyun: Mar Cheshvan
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Misconception:The complete and correct name for the month following Tishrei is Cheshvan, and it is a quaint tradition to call it Mar Cheshvan because it is bitter (Hebrew: mar) due to its lack of holidays. Fact: The correct name for this fall month is the one word Marcheshvan/M’rachsh’van[1] (Aruch ashulchan, Even Ha’ezer 126:17). Background: The […]
15. The Simultaneity of Creation
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The articles in this series are based upon ideas expressed in the Rambam’s Moreh Nevuchim (The Guide for the Perplexed). Numbers in brackets represent the book and chapter of Moreh Nevuchim where these ideas are discussed. The Rambam previously stated [II, 25] that, were there sufficient scientific proof, he would have no difficulty writing off […]
14. Miracles and “Nothing New Under the Sun”
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Last time, we concluded with a Talmudic dictum (Sanhedrin 97a) about the world lasting for 6,000 years, which the Rambam demonstrates should not be taken literally, as the quote continues that the world will then be a wasteland for 1,000 years – a clear indication that it must still exist! It must also be noted […]