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The Wickedness of “Live and Let Live”
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A visitor to Sodom seeking to purchase food would be told by the merchants, “keep your money (what’s yours is yours) and I will keep my food (and what is mine is mine)”… In a complex and difficult world, most people simply want to “tend to their own gardens” – to be left to take […]
Rabbi Lamm on Women and Tefillin
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The following article appears courtesy of Rabbi Gil Student and Torah Musings. ————————– Rav Norman Lamm’s son-in-law, R. Mark Dratch, was kind enough to forward with permission to publish this letter he sent to his nephew, R. Ari Lamm. Dear Ari, You asked me about comments Zeida made in a sermon, “As If Things Weren’t […]
The Tisha B’Av That Wasn’t There
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It’s about time. Megillas Esther is all about time. It’s all over the entire sefer, the whole book is chock-full of times. Everywhere you look in the Megillah, there is another referent to time. A gala extravaganza planned for the third year of the reign of King Achashverosh (1:3) 180 days from the start of […]