Demanding a Raise

December 22, 2011, by

Q. I have a hard-working worker who is demanding more money. Do I have to negotiate with him? A. This is probably the most common question I get: workers who feel they are underpaid and would like to compel their employers to pay what they are truly worth, and employers who face employees who insist […]

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You Need This

December 16, 2011, by

Q. Marketers sometimes try to convince us to buy things we never thought we wanted. Is that ethical? A. Advertisers and marketers are always trying to induce consumers to buy their product or service, but the means are varied. Some ads merely provide pertinent information about the attributes and price of a product already sought […]

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Regulating Doctors’ Fees

December 7, 2011, by

Q. Is it fair for public health plans to impose restrictions on physicians’ fees? A. Many countries have national health plans which involve significant restrictions on physicians’ recompense; currently the United States is considering legislation to extend access to health care and one likely consequence would be that more doctors’ fees would be regulated. Some […]

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Judaism and Hunting

November 24, 2011, by

Q. Does Judaism permit hunting for sport? A. Hunting has been a popular pastime since ancient times, and continues to be a popular sport today. Over ten million hunting licenses are taken out each year in the United States alone, showing that hunting is one of America’s most popular sports. There is no reason to […]

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Violent Sports

November 18, 2011, by

Q. Many popular sports are quite violent and aggressive. What does Judaism say about this? A. While traditional Jewish sources have certain reservations regarding public sporting events, fundamentally we view healthy bodily activity and friendly competition as constructive. Many noted religious figures are and have been gifted athletes or avid sports fans. At the same […]

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Office Boredom

November 7, 2011, by

Q. I sell in a store. When there are long stretches without a customer I do crosswords to keep my sanity. Do I have to tell my boss? A. Your question is very widespread. While many people have a business-only attitude, many see nothing wrong with turning to private affairs during “down time”. Some employers […]

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Sweet Revenge

November 1, 2011, by

Q. Is bearing a grudge ever justified? A. Holding grudges and taking revenge are among the most primal human instincts. These instincts have one positive effect; if everyone knows you will hold them accountable for a slight they will be reluctant to take advantage of you. But it also has a negative effect; since each […]

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Giving Notice

October 4, 2011, by

Q. I’m not really enjoying my work in a store, but I am reluctant to leave the boss in a lurch before the busy season. Do I have any duty to stay on until he finds someone? A. The usual rule in Jewish employment law is that an employee may quit any time he likes […]

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