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Where There’s Smoke (or Vapor), There’s Kashrus
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One if by land, two if by sea–and kosher if by air? Join Rabbi Eliyahu W. Ferrell, a Rabbinic Coordinator with OU Kashruth, for a discussion of a surprising facet of kosher laws: air-borne substances. Rabbi Ferrell addresses aromas, vapors, and smoke and how they impact on kashrus in the home and in the factory. […]
Does Kosher Apply Even to Food???
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It’s well-known that a mammal needs to be a cloven-hooved cud-chewer to be considered kosher. What does a person’s heart and soul need to be kosher? Join Rabbi David Bistricer, a Rabbinic Coordinator with OU Kashruth, for an unexpected look at what makes mammals kosher. Can purity of heart undo the Exile and rebuild the […]