24 Hours, 24 Roles: The Many Hats of an OU Mash’giach

January 16, 2008, by

Organic Chemist. Process Engineer. Business Administrator. Detective. Marketing Expert. Sounds like the staff of a multi-national company, right? In truth, it’s a (partial!) list of an OU mash’giach’s responsibilities. Rabbi Avrohom Stone, a Senior Rabbinic Field Representative with OU Kashrus, takes you inside the head and inside the day of an OU plant inspector. You’ll laugh and you’ll gasp as Rabbi Stone delineates everything it takes to do the job right.

This seminar was recorded live at the Beth Israel Synagogue in Edmonton, Canada, on December 25, 2007, as part of the “Yeshiva for a Day” program, sponsored with Edmonton Jewish General Education.

Click here to read a review article (with pictures) about the OU’s presentations in Edmonton.

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Dunkin’ Do-Nots

January 8, 2008, by

A basic element of the Jewish kitchen is the use of utensils that were ritually immersed. But immersion raises a plethora of questions: In what does one immerse? How does one prepare the utensil? Can one do the immersion for a friend or a customer? Join Rabbi Eli Gersten, the Rabbinic Coordinator charged with recording OU Kashruth’s halachic policies, for a thorough and lucid presentation that will “wet” your appetite for more! If you have questions or comments for Rabbi Gersten please send them to: gerstene@ou.org

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Ingredient Panels: What you don’t know CAN hurt you

November 30, 2007, by

What does it take to give a kosher certification? Rabbi Norman Schloss, a first-tier mashgiach with OU Kashruth, shares the inside story with scores of elementary school students at the Rabbi Alexander S. Gross Hebrew Academy of Miami Beach. In this 45 minute seminar–recorded live–Rabbi Schloss talks about new food technologies, lesser-known problematic ingredients, and some of the precautions the OU takes to assure the kashrus of its products. You’ll be glad you tuned in to Rabbi Schloss’ well-informed and articulate presentation.

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Shemittah and The Diaspora Jew: Part I

November 9, 2007, by

In a thorough and highly-organized discussion of the laws of Shemittah (the Sabbatical year), Rabbi Hershel Schachter, Halachic Consultant to OU Kashruth and Rosh Yeshiva at Yeshivas Rabbenu Yitzchok Elchanon, disabuses us of the notion that it has nothing to do with the Diaspora Jew. In Part One, Rabbi Schachter discusses the Hetter Mechira and its impact on the permissibility of Israeli produce. What if the land was guarded or cultivated during the Shemittah year? Rabbi Schachter discusses this crucial question with dazzling breadth and clarity.

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Shemittah and The Diaspora Jew: Part II

November 9, 2007, by

In Part Two of his comprehensive treatment of Shemittah, Rabbi Schachter discusses the impact of land-ownership on the the permissibility of Shemittah produce. What botanicals are forbidden if they grew by themselves? Which produce is permitted if the land is sold? You won’t want to miss this masterful and mesmerizing presentation.

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The OU Mash’giach: Partner or Patrolman?

October 16, 2007, by

A mash’giach is like a USDA inspector: he arrives unannounced and snoops around looking for breaches of protocol. NOT! Join Baltimore based Rabbi Yitzchok Friedman, a seasoned and experienced OU Rabbinic Field Representative, as he describes the true job of a rabbi from OU Kosher. Part detective, part diplomat, part psychologist–all interesting! A special treat from someone in the trenches of kosher supervision. Recorded live at Camp Moshava in the summer of 2007.

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Israeli Produce: A Guide to Terumos and Ma’aseros

June 19, 2007, by

Rabbi Yaakov Luban
Executive Rabbinic Coordinator, OU Kashruth Division

Listen to Rabbi Yaakov Luban, Executive Rabbinic Coordinator of OU Kashruth, and a daunting task will become simple and easy! If you’d love to support Israel by buying Israeli produce, but shy away because of the need to tithe (take Terumos and Ma’aseros), worry no more. This session contains a step-by-step guide to tithing produce. You’ll certainly want to take notes: don’t forget your pen and paper! If you have questions or comments for Rabbi Luban please send them to : lubany@ou.org

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An Overview of an Underwater Mitzvah

June 15, 2007, by

How could a kosher dish be unfit for use? Welcome to the world of Tevilas Keilim (utensil immersion)! Rabbi Moshe Zywica, a Senior Rabbinic Coordinator with OU Kashruth, discusses the ins-and-outs of an area of Halacha with literally daily applications. What materials require immersion? What about disposable utensils? Do I need to immerse glazed porcelain? What do I do if I’m stuck in a place without immersed utensils? Tune in for a presentation that’s clear, coherent, and concise. If you have questions or comments for Rabbi Zywica please send them to: zywicam@ou.org

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Consumption and Concession: An Approach to Kashruth I

February 23, 2007, by

Is the body the enemy of the soul? Can we reach out to G-d at the same time we reach for a second helping? Join Rabbi Safran, OU Kosher’s Vice President for Communications and Marketing, as he elucidates Judaism’s unique approach to the human need to eat. Don’t miss this chance to find out about the spiritual gains awaiting you amidst your material pursuits. Rabbi Safran’s talk is excerpted from his book Passion and Peace which can be obtained directly from Rabbi Safran by contacting him at SafranE@ou.org.

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