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Melacha #12 – Gozeiz (Shearing)
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The first eleven melachos were agricultural in nature, relating to the production of dyes (and/or the lechem hapanim). The next thirteen melachos were those involved in making the curtains and coverings of the Mishkan. The first step in the production of cloth is gozeiz, shearing the sheep. The melacha of gozeiz entails more than just […]
Melacha #11 – Ofeh/Bishul (Baking/Cooking)
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As noted earlier, the first eleven melachos are collectively referred to a “sidurah d’pas,” the order of bread. Accordingly, the eleventh melacha listed in the mishna (Shabbos 4:2) is ofeh (baking), the final step in making bread. However, while the show bread was used in the Mishkan, it was not a part of its construction. […]