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Melacha #34 – Boneh (Building)
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As mentioned, the Mishkan was made up of a number of boards that were connected through a series of sockets and pins; the roof was made of hides that were spread on top. Assembling something (and/or making a shelter) is building, the melacha of boneh. While the av melacha (primary labor) involves both assembling separate […]
Melacha #33 – Mocheik (Erasing)
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Remember those symbols that had to be written on the boards of the Mishkan so that they could be assembled in the proper order? (See the previous melacha, koseiv.) Well, sometimes a mistake would be made. When that happened, the error needed to be erased so that the correct symbols could be inscribed. This erasing […]
Melacha #32 – Koseiv (Writing)
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The next (and final) group of melachos has to do with the assembling, disassembling and transporting of the Mishkan. Remember, the Mishkan was a portable Temple that was taken down as needed and moved from place to place, where it was then re-assembled. The Mishkan was made up of 48 boards that fit together with […]