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In Remembrance of Our Loved Ones
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It is customary on Yom Kippur when Yizkor (the memorial service) is recited, as well as on the Shalosh Rigalim (Pesach, Sukkot and Shavuot), to light a candle in memory of loved ones who have passed away.  This practice was referenced as far back as the Talmudic times when it was recorded in Tractate Ketubot 103A that before Reb Yehuda Hanassi passed […]
Swaying During Prayer and Torah Study
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It is a well established custom to sway (shukel) during prayer (teffilah) and Torah study.  The following questions will be addressed on this topic: §     Is shukeling only for teffilah or is it also for learning Torah? §     What are the reasons to shukel? §     What are the reasons not to shukel? §     Assuming one is permitted to shukel, […]
Should One Pray from the Bima or the Amud?
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Over the past number of years it has become increasingly more common to find the shliach tzibur (prayer leader) praying from the bima rather than from the amud. This article will focus on the differences between the bima and amud, their specific functions and locations, which prayer services are meant to be recited from which […]