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Rabbi Yitzchak Etshalom

Rabbi Yitzchak Etshalom

Rabbi Yitzchak Etshalom has been a dynamic educator in the Los Angeles area since 1985. His ability to reach out to today's youth and share with them his passion for Jewish learning has enriched many young lives.

I Samuel – Chapter 28

February 15, 2014, by

King Achish prepared for war against Israel and he appointed David to his personal retinue, thinking he was loyal to the Philistine cause. David answered with an ambiguous, “Just wait until you see what I do!”(At this point, he wasn’t 100% sure how he was going to get out of it.) Meanwhile, Shaul was looking […]

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I Samuel – Chapter 27

February 14, 2014, by

David knew that his business with Shaul wasn’t finished. It was only a matter of time before he turned on him again. David decided to “get out of town.” He took his men back to Gath. While his last escape there did not go well, by this time his struggles with Shaul were well known […]

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I Samuel – Chapter 26

February 13, 2014, by

The people of Ziff, who betrayed David once before, again told Shaul where David could be found. Shaul, easily influenced by people bad-mouthing David, set off after him again. David found out and learned where Shaul’s army was camped. David and his nephew Avishai sneaked into Shaul’s camp while the army was sleeping. (G-d arranged […]

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I Samuel – Chapter 25

February 12, 2014, by

The prophet Shmuel (Samuel) died and the entire nation mourned for him. David, experience telling him not to trust Shaul, resumed his flight. There was a wealthy man named Naval who owned a lot of sheep. Naval was a descendant of the noble Calev (Caleb), but he was an evil, petty man. David’s men had […]

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I Samuel – Chapter 24

February 11, 2014, by

David went to Ein Gedi. Shaul finished his business with the Philistines and resumed his pursuit of David. At one point, Shaul entered a particular cave in order to use it as a rest room, while David and his men were at the other end. David’s men were ecstatic that G-d had delivered Shaul into […]

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I Samuel – Chapter 23

February 10, 2014, by

David got word that the Philistines were pillaging the granaries in a town called K’ila. Using the Urim and Tumim, David asked of G-d whether they should go to help; G-d said yes. Aware that, in the past, asking the wrong question had led to disastrous results (as in Judges chapter 20), David’s men were […]

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I Samuel – Chapter 22

February 9, 2014, by

David left Gath and fled to Adulam. His family heard and joined him there. He was also joined by a variety of equally troubled and oppressed people who identified with him, 400 in all. David went to the King of Moav and asked if his parents could stay there. (His logic was that they were […]

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I Samuel – Chapter 21

February 8, 2014, by

Jonathan went home and David took his forces to Nov a city of Kohanim (Jewish ‘priests” – descendants of Aaron). He told Achimelech that he was on a secret mission for Shaul and asked for food for his troops. Achimelech told David that all he had was “sacred bread” (probably the lechem hapanim – the […]

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I Samuel – Chapter 20

February 7, 2014, by

David ran to Jonathan. “Uh, Jonathan? Your father is still trying to kill me.” “No, he’s not – he promised me he’d stop!” “I promise you, he’s still after me! He just didn’t tell you because he knows we’re friends!” “Okay, David, what do you want me to do?” “Tomorrow is Rosh Chodesh. I’ll hide […]

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I Samuel – Chapter 19

February 6, 2014, by

Shaul spoke to his advisors about killing David, but Jonathan warned David. He told him to hide out while he spoke to his father about him; he would report back to David as to Shaul’s disposition. Jonathan then spoke to his father the king about David, assuring him that David was as loyal as they […]

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