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Rabbi Eric Levy

Rabbi Eric Levy

Rabbi Eric Levy is the Director of Jewish Studies at the Katherine and Jacob Greenfield Hebrew Academy in Atlanta, and also teaches at Yeshiva Atlana High School. Rabbi Levy earned his undergraduate degree in Computer Science from Touro College and his masters degree in Biblical Studies from Yeshiva University. He has rabbinic ordination from both Rabbi Ephraim Greenblatt and Rav Zalman Nehemia Goldberg. He spent four years at Yeshivat Har Etzion (Gush) and he served in the Israeli Army Tank Corps. Rabbi Levy’s online classes, including Daf Yomi and Bible, can be heard at

Daniel – Chapter 1

August 27, 2013, by

In the final year of the reign of Yehoyakim, king of Judah, Nebuchadnezzar sacked Jerusalem. (This was the 11th year of Yehoyakim’s reign in total, but the text here calls it the third, as it was his third year of independent rule after rebelling against the Babylonians, whom he served as a vassal state.) G-d […]

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Ecclesiastes – Chapter 12

August 16, 2013, by

Solomon advises the reader to remember G-d while we are young and still have the ability to pursue His ways. If we wait until we are old and starting to become infirm, a person will not have the wherewithal to do so. We should do so before the sun, the light, the moon and the […]

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Ecclesiastes – Chapter 11

August 15, 2013, by

In a famous verse, King Solomon says, “Cast your bread upon the waters, for you will find it after many days.” The meaning of this is that we should do acts of kindness for other people without the expectation of being repaid. Ultimately, others will “pay it forward” and do good things for us. Even […]

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Ecclesiastes – Chapter 10

August 14, 2013, by

When flies, which are insignificant, fall into the precious oil used to make perfume, they completely ruin it. Similarly, when a little foolishness is discovered in a person, it can completely destroy a reputation for wisdom. A wise person’s heart directs him to the right, while a fool’s heart leads him to the left. (The […]

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Ecclesiastes – Chapter 9

August 13, 2013, by

Solomon continued to contemplate things. He considered the ways of the pious and wise, and the things people do that can endear them to G-d or antagonize G-d, though most people are willfully ignorant of such things. The same thing eventually happens to both the righteous and the wicked, the pure and the impure, those […]

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Ecclesiastes – Chapter 8

August 12, 2013, by

Who is comparable to a wise person? Others turn to wise people because they understand the meaning of things. (Rashi uses the example of Daniel, who was called upon to read the writing on the wall, as we will see in the Book that bears his name.) Wisdom sets people apart from the herd and […]

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Ecclesiastes – Chapter 7

August 11, 2013, by

A person’s reputation is worth more than the finest oil and the day of his death is better than the day of his birth (because it is known what kind of person he was, which is uncertain at birth). It is better to pay a consolation call to mourners than to dance at a festive […]

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Ecclesiastes – Chapter 6

August 10, 2013, by

Here’s something else Solomon says he has seen and has determined is just no good: often, a person has wealth and power, but G-d has not given him the ability to enjoy it (because, as in the previous chapter, the person has an insatiable desire for wealth). The result is that someone else ends up […]

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Ecclesiastes – Chapter 5

August 9, 2013, by

Solomon advises the reader to be cautious in speech, especially in addressing G-d. (The Targum says we should even be careful to choose our words deliberately in prayer.) After all, G-d is far above us, so we should minimize our speech. Just as we dream about things that occupy our thoughts, we can rely on […]

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Ecclesiastes – Chapter 4

August 8, 2013, by

Solomon says that he looked and he saw all those who are oppressed and have no one to console them. (Rashi says this refers to those suffering in Hell for their deeds.) Solomon praises the dead (i.e., those who passed away before they could be tempted to sin) more than he does the living (whose […]

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