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Rabbi Eric Levy

Rabbi Eric Levy

Rabbi Eric Levy is the Director of Jewish Studies at the Katherine and Jacob Greenfield Hebrew Academy in Atlanta, and also teaches at Yeshiva Atlana High School. Rabbi Levy earned his undergraduate degree in Computer Science from Touro College and his masters degree in Biblical Studies from Yeshiva University. He has rabbinic ordination from both Rabbi Ephraim Greenblatt and Rav Zalman Nehemia Goldberg. He spent four years at Yeshivat Har Etzion (Gush) and he served in the Israeli Army Tank Corps. Rabbi Levy’s online classes, including Daf Yomi and Bible, can be heard at

Isaiah – Chapter 27

May 15, 2012, by

On the day that G-d judges, He will slay the two Leviathans, which Rashi says represent Egypt and Assyria. He will also slay the “sea serpent” (the kingdom of Tzur). When Israel is redeemed, they will be like a vineyard of rich wine that G-d waters and guards by day and night. He can have […]

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Isaiah – Chapter 26

May 14, 2012, by

When G-d humbles Moav, the following song will be sung in Judah: Jerusalem, which was our strength, will have salvation for support. Open the gates so that the righteous may enter. Those who relied on G-d will be shielded with peace for their faith. Trust in G-d forever because He is eternally steadfast. He brings […]

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Isaiah – Chapter 25

May 13, 2012, by

Now Isaiah addresses G-d directly, saying that he will praise Him for His wonders and for the pact that He made with Abraham. G-d has conquered mighty enemies for their evil deeds, their cities never to be rebuilt. The powerful nations will honor G-d, Who sheltered Israel in their times of distress. G-d will humble […]

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Isaiah – Chapter 24

May 12, 2012, by

G-d will empty out the land of Israel and scatter the residents. They will all share the same fate: slaves and masters, buyers and sellers, borrowers and lenders, etc. The land will be plundered and it will mourn. The land will not produce food because of the sins of the inhabitants. Swearing falsely in G-d’s […]

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Isaiah – Chapter 23

May 11, 2012, by

The next prophecy concerns Tzur (Tyre). A seaport economy, the ships will mourn the destruction of Tzur’s cities, as will those who live on islands, for they will have no one with whom to do business. Egypt would bring trade to Tzur, which became a major trading market. Since the people of Tzur are gone, […]

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