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Rabbi Eric Levy

Rabbi Eric Levy

Rabbi Eric Levy is the Director of Jewish Studies at the Katherine and Jacob Greenfield Hebrew Academy in Atlanta, and also teaches at Yeshiva Atlana High School. Rabbi Levy earned his undergraduate degree in Computer Science from Touro College and his masters degree in Biblical Studies from Yeshiva University. He has rabbinic ordination from both Rabbi Ephraim Greenblatt and Rav Zalman Nehemia Goldberg. He spent four years at Yeshivat Har Etzion (Gush) and he served in the Israeli Army Tank Corps. Rabbi Levy’s online classes, including Daf Yomi and Bible, can be heard at

Isaiah – Chapter 46

June 3, 2012, by

Bel and Nevo, the idols of Babylonia, metaphorically soil themselves. They are like animals that “do their business” anywhere. They couldn’t get the job done and they have gone into captivity. G-d tells Israel to listen to Him: He carries them from cradle to grave. G-d “gets the job done,” unlike those idols. Who is […]

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Isaiah – Chapter 45

June 2, 2012, by

G-d now speaks to Cyrus, who is called an anointed one. While the Hebrew word for an anointed person is moshiach, not every one refers to what we would call in English the Messiah. (The Talmud in Megillah, page 12a, interprets the verse to say that G-d spoke to Moshiach about Cyrus.) G-d gave Cyrus […]

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Isaiah – Chapter 35

May 23, 2012, by

Jerusalem will rejoice over the downfall of Edom (described in the previous chapter). It will bloom like a flower, singing because of the glory of the Temple and the beauty G-d has given them. Isaiah encourages the Jews to strengthen others (see the grammatical Rashi on verse 3). Tell those frightened by the troubles preceding […]

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Isaiah – Chapter 34

May 22, 2012, by

Isaiah calls the nations of the Earth to listen as he foretells the downfall of Edom. G-d has judged the nations and allowed them to be destroyed, their dead unburied. The Heavens will (metaphorically) be rolled like a scroll – either those nations will be “erased” or they will be in “darkness,” as in a […]

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Isaiah – Chapter 33

May 21, 2012, by

Now, Isaiah says woe to the nation that plunders and betrays, for they themselves are about to be plundered and betrayed. (Most commentators identify this nation with Assyria, although Radak in a second opinion says it might also refer to the unidentified “fourth kingdom” seen in Daniel’s vision in the book that bears his name.) […]

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Isaiah – Chapter 32

May 20, 2012, by

Achaz was a wicked king, but he would be succeeded by his son Chizkiyahu (Hezekiah), who was righteous. Chizkiyahu would be a source of merit and protection for the nation. In his day, people’s eyes and ears would not be closed to the word of G-d. The people will understand and speak clearly, unlike the […]

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Isaiah – Chapter 31

May 19, 2012, by

Isaiah continues to criticize King Hoshea of the Northern Kingdom of Israel for relying on Egypt, rather than on G-d, for help against Assyria. G-d knows the thoughts and deeds of man and pays them back accordingly. G-d told the Jewish people not to go back to Egypt (see Deuteronomy 28:68); since they went there […]

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Isaiah – Chapter 30

May 18, 2012, by

G-d says woe to His rebellious children, who take advice, but not from Him, and who appoint rulers over themselves that are not G-d-fearing. Hoshea, the last king of Israel, sent messengers to the Pharaoh in Egypt without G-d’s approval; in the end, he was punished by becoming a prisoner of the Assyrians. Thinking that […]

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Isaiah – Chapter 29

May 17, 2012, by

Now Isaiah mourns for the altar, which is compared to a “lion of G-d.” Jerusalem, the city in which the altar can be found, will be besieged. The city and its people will be humbled, lowered to the dirt. Those who invade, the army of Assyria, will be consumed and will become like dust. G-d […]

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Isaiah – Chapter 28

May 16, 2012, by

Isaiah now criticizes the people of Israel for gluttony and drunkenness. They are like inferior, spoiled fruits; G-d will come down on them like a powerful storm. The drunkards will be cast down and walked on. Then, G-d will be a crown of beauty for the rest of His people, who are righteous. G-d will […]

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