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Rabbi Eric Levy

Rabbi Eric Levy

Rabbi Eric Levy is the Director of Jewish Studies at the Katherine and Jacob Greenfield Hebrew Academy in Atlanta, and also teaches at Yeshiva Atlana High School. Rabbi Levy earned his undergraduate degree in Computer Science from Touro College and his masters degree in Biblical Studies from Yeshiva University. He has rabbinic ordination from both Rabbi Ephraim Greenblatt and Rav Zalman Nehemia Goldberg. He spent four years at Yeshivat Har Etzion (Gush) and he served in the Israeli Army Tank Corps. Rabbi Levy’s online classes, including Daf Yomi and Bible, can be heard at

Haggai – Chapter 2

November 20, 2012, by

G-d spoke again to Haggai telling him to speak with Zerubbabel, the grandson of the governor of Judah, to Joshua the son of Yehotzadak, the High Priest, and to the people. The first Temple had been destroyed only 70 years earlier and G-d said that there were many people still alive who remembered it. In […]

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Haggai – Chapter 1

November 19, 2012, by

During the reign of King Darius of Persia, who was the son of Esther and Achashverosh, G-d spoke to Haggai and gave him a message for Zerubbabel, son of the governor of Judah and for Joshua, son of Yehotzadak, the high priest. G-d said that the people claimed that the time to rebuild the Temple […]

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Isaiah – Chapter 54

June 11, 2012, by

Isaiah compares Jerusalem to a barren woman, but he tells her to rejoice because the barren one has more children than the fertile one (referring to other nations that were not overrun). Jerusalem is told to make room for all her children, who are coming. They will spread out east and west, taking back other […]

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Isaiah – Chapter 53

June 10, 2012, by

In this chapter, Isaiah tells us to look at a particular “servant” of G-d, who is being afflicted. (We will see to whom this refers.) While in exile, he had no form or appearance, so how could we desire him? He was universally despised and considered worthless. He carried all our pains, but we considered […]

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Isaiah – Chapter 52

June 9, 2012, by

Isaiah tells Jerusalem to “get up and get dressed,” because invaders will no longer be permitted to enter. Shake off the dust, get up off the ground and sit on your throne. Take off your bonds – you were sold as slaves but you’re not being redeemed for money; you repented and returned to G-d. […]

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Isaiah – Chapter 51

June 8, 2012, by

Isaiah tells the righteous to listen to him: Look at the rock from which you were cut and the hole from which you were dug – referring to Abraham and Sarah. Abraham was a lone person when G-d called him and G-d blessed him to become multitudes. G-d will console Israel, turning wasteland into gardens. […]

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Isaiah – Chapter 50

June 7, 2012, by

G-d says that, despite their sins, He has not “divorced” the Jewish people. (This seems to contradict Jeremiah 3:8, which says that He did. However, Jeremiah was prophesying to the Ten Tribes of the Northern Kingdom – the now “lost” Tribes – while Isaiah was speaking to the kingdom of Judah.) Why does G-d call […]

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Isaiah – Chapter 49

June 6, 2012, by

Isaiah calls to various nations to pay heed. This was the job G-d had for Isaiah since before he was born. G-d gave Isaiah a mouth “like a sword,” with which to rebuke the wicked. G-d covered Isaiah with the shadow of His hand, so that those he rebuked would not be able to harm […]

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Isaiah – Chapter 48

June 5, 2012, by

Isaiah speaks to the Tribes of Judah and Benjamin, who are fated to be exiled to Babylonia. They say they rely on G-d, but they are not truthful about it. They are called by the name of Jerusalem, the Holy City, and they express faith in G-d, but deep inside, they have doubts. G-d foretold […]

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Isaiah – Chapter 47

June 4, 2012, by

Isaiah says that the people of Babylonia should “sit on the ground” rather than on a throne. (This means that they are going from being conquerors to being the conquered.) They will no longer enjoy pleasures and delicacies. Instead, they will be engaged in hard labor, losing their dignity in the process. The whole world […]

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