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Rabbi Dr. Gidon Rothstein

Rabbi Dr. Gidon Rothstein

Rabbi Dr. Gidon Rothstein currently serves as the Rosh Kollel of the Yeshiva University Community Kollel based at HAFTR.

Proverbs – Chapter 22

May 28, 2013, by

Your name and reputation are potentially more valuable than gold and silver. Don’t be too impressed by either wealth or poverty, because those decisions are made by G-d. A clever person sees the potential to commit a sin and hides from the possibility of transgressing it; a fool plunges in head first and pays the […]

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Proverbs – Chapter 21

May 27, 2013, by

In this Proverb, Solomon compares the heart of a king to a stream, which G-d can direct any way He wishes. Every person’s actions are proper in his own eyes, but G-d can view them all objectively. G-d would rather people behave properly in the first place than bring Him sacrifices. The wicked plant the […]

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Proverbs – Chapter 20

May 26, 2013, by

Solomon says that a person who drinks is one who mocks. He calls out for more booze and never acquires knowledge. The king is as mighty as a lion and to provoke his wrath is to invite one’s own demise. A wise person avoids controversy; when fools enter into arguments, they expose their ignorance. A […]

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Proverbs – Chapter 19

May 25, 2013, by

It’s better to be poor but honest than to attempt to profit through deceit. It’s not good to live without Torah; sinners say that certain rules are insignificant and then violate them. A person’s sins cause him harm, but his lack of wisdom clouds his judgment. When he’s punished for his sins, he doesn’t recognize […]

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Shelach – Haftarah

May 25, 2013, by

Despite the temptation to see our haftarah as merely a story of spies who contrast with the ones in the Torah reading by doing their job correctly and faithfully, the haftarah foregrounds Rahab so much that we would be remiss if we did not examine her role here. The spies, whom tradition identifies as Caleb […]

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Proverbs – Chapter 18

May 24, 2013, by

Solomon says that a person who has become separated from G-d pursues his physical lusts and desires until his shame is exposed for all to see. (Rashi applies the verse to Abraham’s nephew Lot, who pursued materialism in Sodom and ended up illegitimately fathering Amon and Moav with his daughters.) A fool takes no joy […]

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Proverbs – Chapter 17

May 23, 2013, by

It’s better to have a dry crust of bread and a peaceful environment than a house full of sacrifices and antagonism. (Rashi says that this refers to G-d’s reason for destroying the Temple.) A wise slave will rule over the disgraced son and he will have a share in the inheritance among the brothers. (Again, […]

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Proverbs – Chapter 16

May 22, 2013, by

A person can plan what he wants to say, but G-d has the final say in how well he speaks. Whatever a person does, he justifies in his own eyes; G-d is more objective. Include G-d in your plans and He will assist you in succeeding. Everything in the world exists to glorify G-d, even […]

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Proverbs – Chapter 15

May 21, 2013, by

Solomon tells us that a gentle reply can appease an angry person. Wise people say things that increase knowledge, while foolish people spout nonsense. G-d sees everything, both good and bad, and pays people accordingly. A person’s words can be used to heal or to destroy. Fools hate it when their parents attempt to correct […]

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Proverbs – Chapter 14

May 20, 2013, by

The actions of wise women firmly establish their homes, while those of foolish women tear theirs down. (That is, they encourage their families to take either appropriate paths or paths leading to destruction.) A fool is arrogant and his speech reflects it; the mouths of wise people protect them from harm. Without oxen, the barn […]

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