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Rabbi Dr. Gidon Rothstein

Rabbi Dr. Gidon Rothstein

Rabbi Dr. Gidon Rothstein currently serves as the Rosh Kollel of the Yeshiva University Community Kollel based at HAFTR.

Proverbs – Chapter 31

June 6, 2013, by

This chapter of Proverbs is easily the most famous – at least, most of it is. It is recited as “Eishes Chayil,” “A Woman of Valor,” on Friday evenings at the Shabbos table. However, that famous section does not begin until verse 10. The chapter starts “The words of King Lemuel,” Lemuel being a name […]

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Proverbs – Chapter 30

June 5, 2013, by

We said previously that this book is divided into several thematic sections, each introduced by its own superscription. The last two chapters are each their own section. This chapter begins, “The words of Agur the son of Yakeh…” Rashi cites the Midrash that Solomon is called Agur, meaning the one who gathered this information, “bin” […]

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Proverbs – Chapter 29

June 4, 2013, by

A person whose acts require correction, but who is too stubborn to accept words of reproof, will find himself suddenly broken. The people benefit from righteous leadership, but evil rulers cause them to sigh from their troubles. A son who pursues wisdom pleases his father, but one who pursues women of questionable morals wastes his […]

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Proverbs – Chapter 28

June 3, 2013, by

Evil people are doomed to flee even when no one is pursuing them, but the righteous stand firm, as bravely as a lion. (This mirrors the concept found in “The Tochacha,” the rebuke in Leviticus 26. Those who disobey G-d will flee without pursuers chasing them – Lev. 26:17. Those who heed G-d will have […]

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Proverbs – Chapter 27

June 2, 2013, by

Don’t brag about something that hasn’t happened yet, because who knows what tomorrow will bring? It’s far better to accomplish something and let others praise you than to toot your own horn over plans that may never see fruition. (Even after the fact, it’s better to be praised by a third party than to do […]

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Proverbs – Chapter 26

June 1, 2013, by

Honor is not fitting for a fool; it’s like snow in the summer or rain during the harvest. (In an agricultural society, these things are not just incongruous or inconvenient, they are overtly detrimental!) A curse uttered casually will come back to haunt the one who said it, like a bird returning to its nest. […]

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Korach – Haftarah

June 1, 2013, by

Two vital realizations make this week’s haftarah more understandable. First, almost everyone, if not everyone, has an internal justification for what they do, no matter how evil they may actually be in fact. It is not true that evil people—substitute your favorites, Hitler, Stalin, Saddam Hussein being the usual suspects, but with plenty of competition […]

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Proverbs – Chapter 25

May 31, 2013, by

This chapter marks the start of the third section of the book. It begins with the introductory phrase, “These, too, are the Proverbs of Solomon, transcribed by the court of Chizkiyahu, King of Judah.” (Chizkiyahu, or Hezekiah, was a righteous descendant of David and Solomon and is considered to be as great or nearly as […]

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Proverbs – Chapter 24

May 30, 2013, by

Solomon advises us not to be envious of the success of evil people because they’re full of violence and deceit. It takes wisdom to build a house and understanding to run a home. If one has knowledge, then all the rooms will be filled with treasure. A wise person has strength, namely his deference to […]

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Proverbs – Chapter 23

May 29, 2013, by

More words of wisdom from Solomon: When dining with powerful people, understand who it is sitting across the table from you. If he’s stingy and you gorge yourself on his food, you might as well just stab yourself with your knife. Instead of nourishing you, such a meal will be detrimental. Don’t tire yourself out […]

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