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Rabbi Dr. Gidon Rothstein

Rabbi Dr. Gidon Rothstein

Rabbi Dr. Gidon Rothstein currently serves as the Rosh Kollel of the Yeshiva University Community Kollel based at HAFTR.

I Kings – Chapter 7

March 9, 2012, by

To build his own palace, Solomon took 13 years. This is not to say that he spent almost twice as long on it than he did on the Temple, rather it is to show how much effort he put into completing the Temple as quickly as possible. He had a summer home called “The Forest […]

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I Kings – Chapter 6

March 8, 2012, by

480 years after the Jews left Egypt, the Temple was begun; this was in Solomon’s fourth year as king, in the month of Iyar. (The Navi calls it “Ziv” because the names by which we call the Hebrew months were not adopted until later.) The Temple was twice the length and breadth of the Tabernacle […]

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I Kings – Chapter 4

March 6, 2012, by

As the Navi did with David, we are now given a list of Solomon’s officers. These included Benayahu the general and Tzadok the Kohein Gadol, whom we already know. Evyasar, the previous Kohein Gadol, whom Solomon dismissed, continued as Deputy Kohein Gadol, filling in on an as-needed basis. Other officers included Jehoshaphat, Solomon’s personal secretary, […]

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I Kings – Chapter 3

March 5, 2012, by

Solomon married the daughter of the Pharaoh in order to cement a treaty with Egypt. (He married the daughters of many other nations. They converted, but were insincere, as we will see.) Being faithful to G-d, Solomon traveled to Gibeon to offer sacrifices. While he was there, G-d appeared and offered to grant Solomon whatever […]

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I Kings – Chapter 2

March 4, 2012, by

David was nearing death, so he called Solomon to his side. He charged him with always following G-d and Torah so that he would be worthy of G-d’s promise to be with their descendants. David then told Solomon to punish Yoav. Yoav killed Avshalom counter to David’s orders, plus Avner and Amasa, who had defected […]

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I Kings – Chapter 1

March 3, 2012, by

King David had grown old and was showing his age. They covered him with blankets, but he still didn’t warm up, so they fetched a young maiden to serve the king and also to keep him warm with body heat. They found a beautiful girl named Avishag the Shunamit. She took good care of King […]

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I Kings – Chapter 5

March 7, 2011, by

Solomon ruled from the Euphrates River to the Philistine territory to the border of Egypt; the kings of neighboring lands paid him tribute. One day’s supplies for Solomon’s household included well over 1,000 bushels of wheat, 30 oxen, 100 sheep and goats, as well as many other types of meat and fowl. It is estimated […]

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