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Rabbi Dr. Gidon Rothstein

Rabbi Dr. Gidon Rothstein

Rabbi Dr. Gidon Rothstein currently serves as the Rosh Kollel of the Yeshiva University Community Kollel based at HAFTR.

Vayeishev – Haftarah

November 16, 2013, by

By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz The haftarah opens with a line that recurs in Amos, his declaring that “for three sins of …., and for four I will not forgo.” In our selection, the culprit is Israel, the Northern Kingdom. He then names their having sold “a righteous person for money and an impoverished one for […]

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Vayishlach – Haftarah

November 8, 2013, by

A reality too painful to be faced leaves two main choices, being overwhelmed by the accumulation of sadness or learning to distance oneself from events. Ideally, people find a middle road, where the tragedy penetrates their consciousness, but is taken with enough serenity to allow them to continue functioning. Doctors such as oncologists know this […]

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Vayeitzei- Haftarah

November 2, 2013, by

The challenge of speaking meaningfully, articulately, and intelligibly about God, the Ineffable and completely Other, looms large before each Prophet. One central tool in that task, metaphor, seeks to shed useful light on our relationship with God – itself a metaphor – by aligning it with other ones we have. This search for the familiar […]

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Toldos – Haftarah

October 26, 2013, by

As is becoming our pattern, the obvious reason to connect this week’s haftarah to the Torah reading does not pass cursory examination. We presumably read this section of Malachi because it refers to God’s choosing Jacob over Esau, as in the Torah reading. A problem to mention, but which would take us too far afield, […]

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Chayei Sarah – Haftarah

October 19, 2013, by

My dad passed away suddenly when he was 50 and I was 24, so there was never the classic deathbed scene, when the family patriarch has the opportunity to share with his loved ones his final words of wisdom, his hopes for them, and the share of his heritage he hopes his offspring will carry […]

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Vayerah – Haftarah

October 12, 2013, by

The haftarah tells a story of the prophet Elisha promising a son to a childless woman, who then gets sick, almost dies, and is revived by the prophet. The parallels of the story might lead us to assume this is why we read the selection on this Sabbath. However, Elijah also resuscitates a child, so […]

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Lech Lecha – Haftarah

October 5, 2013, by

As in the first two weeks, this haftarah also carries an obvious reason to read it, the reference in 41:8 to the Jews as “the descendants of Abraham who loved Me.” Like the earlier weeks as well, we contend that there is more to the story, with the topic here being Providence and how to […]

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Noach 8 – Haftarah

September 28, 2013, by

A verse in the middle of the haftarah (54:9) refers to the promises God is making to the Jewish people as similar in some way to the waters of Noah. (The exact similarity is a matter of debate, as we discuss in the essay on the haftarah of Parshat Ki Tetsei; it either means that […]

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Bereshit – Haftarah

September 15, 2013, by

The haftarah opens with God mentioning that He created the Heavens and spread them out, formed the Earth, etc. This similarity to the Torah reading explains choosing a text like this one, but many other prophetic statements also speak of God as Creator. Moreover, that is not what the haftarah is actually about. God’s having […]

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V’zot Habracha – Haftarah

September 7, 2013, by

(This haftarah is read on Simchat Torah.) Our haftarah, the very beginning of the second section of Scripture (the Prophets), tells of the beginning of Joshua’s career as leader of the Jewish people, with three incidents kicking off his time at the helm of the nation. First, God comes to remind Joshua of the tasks […]

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