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Rabbi Bini Maryles

Rabbi Bini Maryles

Psalms – Chapter 95

March 12, 2013, by

This is the sixth of the eleven Psalms attributed to Moses. He tells the Jewish people to join him in singing to G-d and blowing shofar to the Source of Israel’s salvation. Let us greet G-d with thanks and songs of praise because He is great and rules above all. All the mysteries of the […]

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Psalms – Chapter 94

March 11, 2013, by

In this Psalm, Moses calls G-d a “G-d of vengeance,” even though he uses the Name “Hashem” (Y-H-V-H), which is the Name that represents G-d’s attribute of mercy. He calls upon G-d to “appear,” as He did at Sinai, to judge the world and to pay the arrogant for their deeds. How long will the […]

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Psalms – Chapter 93

March 10, 2013, by

In the Messianic era, G-d will have been accepted as King by all mankind. G-d will have metaphorically “clothed” Himself in glory and might and He will have reinforced the foundations of the world. G-d’s dominion over all was in place from the start of creation; He is eternal, with neither beginning nor end. The […]

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Psalms – Chapter 92

March 9, 2013, by

Another Psalm of Moses: this is a Psalm for Shabbos, the Sabbath day. (The initials of the opening words, Mizmor Shir L’yom HaShabbos, are an anagram of “l’Moshe,” a Psalm of Moses.) It is good to praise G-d and to sing to the Name of the Most High. (Each Psalm of Moses is said to […]

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Psalms – Chapter 91

March 8, 2013, by

Moses continues: the person who seeks refuge in G-d will dwell in G-d’s protective “shadow.” Moses calls G-d his refuge and his fortress from all forms of danger; he places his trust in G-d. G-d saves people from traps that treacherous ones have set for them. He shelters people beneath His “wings,” using His truth […]

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