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Rabbi Bini Maryles

Rabbi Bini Maryles

Joshua – Chapter 15

December 19, 2013, by

The Navi now details the land given to each Tribe. Judah’s territory was in the south. It extended from the Mediterranean Sea on the west to the Dead Sea on the east. Jerusalem was at the northern end of Judah’s territory, which extended southward into the Negev desert. The division of the land started with […]

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Joshua – Chapter 14

December 18, 2013, by

The remaining nine and a half Tribes were assigned their portion by lottery. But wait! If two and a half Tribes got their inheritance on the eastern shore of the Jordan (2.5), and the Tribe of Levi has no portion of land (+1), and nine and a half Tribes got land by lottery (+9.5), that’s […]

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Joshua – Chapter 13

December 17, 2013, by

While the majority of it is discussed passingly over the course of two chapters, the conquest of the land actually took seven long years. After seven years of battles to acquire the land, Joshua spent seven years dividing the land and settling it among the Tribes. Joshua divides the land on the west of the […]

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Joshua – Chapter 12

December 16, 2013, by

The Navi now gives a list of kings defeated by Israel. First it lists those defeated by Moshe on the other side of the Jordan: Sichon and Og. Then it lists those conquered by Joshua, totaling thirty-one. The Navi lists the thirty-one kings in an odd, apparently redundant, fashion. It says, “The king of Jericho, […]

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Joshua – Chapter 11

December 15, 2013, by

Hearing about Joshua’s conquest of the southern cities, the kings of the northern cities became quite scared. They formed a coalition against Israel under the leadership of Yavin, king of Chatzor and set up camp by the waters of Merom. G-d told Joshua that He would deliver the Canaanite forces into Israel’s hands and that […]

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Joshua – Chapter 10

December 14, 2013, by

Adoni-Tzedek, king of Jerusalem got wind that the Gibeonites made a pact with Joshua and he was very displeased. He contacted other local kings to join him in an attack on Gibeon. When five kings attacked, the Gibeonites sent messengers to Joshua asking for help. Joshua obliged and was victorious. G-d Himself joined the battle, […]

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Joshua – Chapter 9

December 13, 2013, by

When the people of Gibeon heard about what happened in Jericho and Ai, they got scared. They decided to use subterfuge to seal a pact with Joshua. They dressed up in worn out clothes and took old, dried out supplies so that they would look as if they had just come from a long journey. […]

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Joshua – Chapter 8

December 12, 2013, by

The problem caused by Achan resolved, Hashem sent Joshua back to Ai. Joshua took 30,000 soldiers by night to the rear of the city. They pretended to flee as they had the first time. When the King of Ai had his forces pursue the Jewish army, he left the city unprotected. Joshua had hidden 5,000 […]

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Joshua – Chapter 7

December 11, 2013, by

Joshua next sent spies to the city of Ai, which was judged to be small and weak, therefore not requiring many troops. Nevertheless, the army of Ai quickly gained the upper hand. Joshua inquired of G-d as to why this was and G-d informed him that it was because someone looted consecrated property from the […]

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Joshua – Chapter 6

December 10, 2013, by

Joshua sealed the city of Jericho so that nobody could enter or leave. The army circled the city once a day for six days, following which seven Kohanim would blow shofar. On the seventh day, the army circled the city seven times. When the Kohanim blew shofar, the city walls collapsed. The city was routed […]

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