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Rabbi Avrohom Stone

Rabbi Avrohom Stone

24 Hours, 24 Roles: The Many Hats of an OU Mash’giach

January 16, 2008, by

Organic Chemist. Process Engineer. Business Administrator. Detective. Marketing Expert. Sounds like the staff of a multi-national company, right? In truth, it’s a (partial!) list of an OU mash’giach’s responsibilities. Rabbi Avrohom Stone, a Senior Rabbinic Field Representative with OU Kashrus, takes you inside the head and inside the day of an OU plant inspector. You’ll laugh and you’ll gasp as Rabbi Stone delineates everything it takes to do the job right.

This seminar was recorded live at the Beth Israel Synagogue in Edmonton, Canada, on December 25, 2007, as part of the “Yeshiva for a Day” program, sponsored with Edmonton Jewish General Education.

Click here to read a review article (with pictures) about the OU’s presentations in Edmonton.

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Labels: Is What You See What You Get??

February 14, 2007, by

When is non-dairy creamer derived from milk? When is natural meat flavor not derived from meat? What could be unkosher about 100% pure orange juice? These and other practical issues are discussed by Rabbi Stone, a distinguished OU Kashruth Rabbinic Field Representative in the Tri-State region and a much sought after OU lecturer , in a special seminar given at Columbia University Law School Lunch and Learn program, as part of the ever popular OU Kosher Coming to Schools and Communities programs. A session jam-packed with useful data!

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