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Michael Linetsky

Michael Linetsky is the Director of the Talmud Yerushalmi Institute whose mission is to bring the Talmud Yerushalmi and the teachings of the land of Israel back to the conscience of the Jewish people.


February 4, 2014, by

When all is going well many people develop a healthy sense of complacency, while others may develop an unhealthy smugness. We may come to believe that our material success is a reflection of our spiritual success. A person could easily begin to attribute his success to an abundance of personal merits. Over time, as proof […]

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January 28, 2014, by

It is rare to find someone who truly and honestly believes that he is impervious to temptation. However, there could be certain situations where we may reasonably think that temptation can never enter our realm. Repeated experience in specific situations may lead us to believe that we will not falter. We may think to ourselves […]

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January 8, 2014, by

We are often faced with a situation where we end up yielding to someone else even though we believe that we are equally entitled. This is especially true when we deal with someone who is at a disadvantage. Letting a physically-challenged person go first because it is difficult for him to move around or holding […]

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Everybody Counts

December 25, 2013, by

It would be fair to say that many of us have personal peeves and dissatisfaction with our People. We, as a People also freely admit that we have much room for improvement. There may have been a time when we tried fixing matters, but soon gave up because we found that our influence was minimal. […]

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Turning the Evil Inclination to Good

December 13, 2013, by

Even during the Days of Repentance, with Yom Ha-Kippurim right around the corner, we may find that our resolutions for the new year have begun to waver. We may find that some of our sins are not new ones, but ones that we fall prey to year after year. Over time we my come to […]

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To Steal a Little or to Steal a Lot?

December 9, 2013, by

Few people do not understand that stealing is a reprehensible act. However, we think of thieves as those who cause others a financial loss, especially a significant one. The bigger the loss, the bigger the thief. How many times do we cause someone a small loss or just an inconvenience? How many of us freely […]

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Do out of love. Do out of Fear.

December 1, 2013, by

Some people worship God because they fear the consequences of disobedience as even one who rejects a government will still abide by its laws. Others pine for a true devoutness to God never feeling that they achieved it. But there are yet others that are convinced that their worship of God is the product of […]

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The Power of Prayer

November 20, 2013, by

For many of us the source of our motivation to pray is our belief that we have the power to engage God for our needs. Nevertheless, moments where we fear that our personal lacking and sin will cause God to turn us a deaf ear cannot be escaped. The Talmud Yerushalmi (Ta’anith 1:2 5b) tells […]

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Honor Your Father and Mother

November 13, 2013, by

The Biblical commandment of “Honor your father and mother” is a universally accepted ethic known equally to Jews and Gentiles all around the world. Even those of us who are not so fond of our parents or even worse hold grudges against them, somewhere deep inside of us still have a faint voice compelling us […]

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“Do Not Turn Away…”

November 6, 2013, by

“Do not turn away from your own flesh” (Isaiah 58:7) All of us aspire to have those ideal families which we read about in stories, but all too often our families fall quite short of this ideal. We may disdain our family members, hold grudges against them and dread the thought of family gatherings. We […]

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