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Dr. Shawn Zelig Aster

Dr. Shawn Zelig Aster

Dr. Shawn Zelig Aster is an assistant professor of Bible at Yeshiva University and has written several articles for

II Chronicles – Chapter 22

November 20, 2013, by

Achazyahu also chose to follow in Ahab’s evil ways. His mother was the daughter of Omri, another wicked king of the Ten Tribes, and the influence of Ahab’s dynasty led to Achazyahu’s downfall. Yehoram, king of the northern kingdom, was wounded in battle, so Achazyahu went to pay him a visit. While there, he joined […]

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II Chronicles – Chapter 21

November 19, 2013, by

When Yehoshafat died, he was succeeded by his son Yehoram. Yehoshafat had other sons as well, and he gave them all gifts of riches and cities. Yehoram turned around and killed his brothers, along with a few other nobles whom he was worried might be able to challenge his rule. Yehoram was married to Ahab’s […]

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II Chronicles – Chapter 20

November 18, 2013, by

The nations of Moab and Ammon attacked Judah, with the help of some Edomites. Yehoshafat was informed and he declared a fast day on which the nation should pray to G-d. The king stood among the people at the Temple and prayed, saying that G-d is over all the nations and that no one can […]

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II Chronicles – Chapter 19

November 17, 2013, by

Ahab was killed in battle, but Yehoshafat returned safely to Jerusalem. Yehu, son of the prophet Chanani, went out to greet him. Yehu asked whether it was appropriate to befriend and assist enemies of G-d, meaning Ahab. G-d did not approve of this alliance, Yehu said, but Yehoshafat had a lot of merits, so G-d […]

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II Chronicles – Chapter 18

November 16, 2013, by

Yehoshafat forged a treaty with the kingdom of the Ten Tribes by marrying the sister of Ahab, who was then their king. Eventually, Yehoshafat went to visit Ahab, who persuaded Yehoshafat to join him in a military campaign. Yehoshafat wanted to consult with a prophet before going to war so Ahab (who was an idolatrous […]

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II Chronicles – Chapter 17

November 15, 2013, by

Asa was succeeded by his son Yehoshafat (Jehoshaphat). He placed troops and representatives throughout the land. Yehoshafat was a righteous king, who followed G-d in a way comparable to his ancestor David, so G-d gave him a steady hand over the nation. His subjects brought him many gifts, which made him wealthy. Yehoshafat served G-d […]

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II Chronicles – Chapter 16

November 14, 2013, by

In the thirty-sixth year of his reign, Asa went to war against Basha, then ruler of the Ten Tribes. Basha built a tower outside Jerusalem to restrict access to the city. Asa took silver and gold from the Temple treasury and sent them to Ben-Hadad, king of Aram, with a request for aid. Ben-Hadad sent […]

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II Chronicles – Chapter 15

November 13, 2013, by

A man named Azaryahu was Divinely inspired to approach Asa with the following message: So long as Asa follows G-d, G-d will make Himself available. But if Asa turns his back on G-d, G-d will do likewise to him. If that happens, the nation will experience a downward spiral into idolatry. When the bad times […]

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II Chronicles – Chapter 14

November 12, 2013, by

Asa was a righteous king, who fought to abolish idolatry within his borders. He encouraged the people of Judah to seek out G-d and to follow His Torah. Things were pretty uneventful under Asa and the people were content. They built fortified cities as defenses against invasion. Asa’s army was well-armed, with warriors from the […]

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II Chronicles – Chapter 13

November 11, 2013, by

Aviya continued his father’s war with Yeravam. They prepared for battle and Aviya sent word to Yeravam that G-d had made a covenant with David as unchanging as salt that his descendants would rule. Yeravam, Aviya said, was nothing more than a rebellious servant whose rule was illegal. The only reason Rechavam had failed to […]

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