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Rabbi Shmuel Goldin

Rabbi Shmuel Goldin

Noted as one of the most articulate spokesmen in the Orthodox community today, Rabbi Shmuel Goldin has developed an innovative educational approach to Torah study, Jewish law and Jewish identity which is enthusiastically received by traditional and non-traditional Jews alike.

A Sin for the Ages

February 15, 2011, by

Context Rooted at the base of Sinai, the Israelites grow restive as they wait for Moshe to descend from the mountain’s summit. Turning to Aharon, they demand, “Rise up, make for us gods who will go before us, for Moshe – this man who brought us out of the land of Egypt – we do […]

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A Healthy Distance

February 7, 2011, by

Context For the first and only time since his introduction in the beginning of Parshat Shmot, Moshe’s name is omitted from an entire parsha. Questions Why is Moshe’s name omitted from Parshat Tetzave? The question is compounded by the fact that the omission seems clearly deliberate. Over and over again, the Torah creates settings in […]

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Why Build It At All?

February 1, 2011, by

Context As the Israelites stand rooted at Sinai, yet another major foundation of their eternal heritage is divinely laid. God turns to Moshe and commands, “And they shall make for Me a holy place, and I will dwell among them.” The construction of the Mishkan, the portable sanctuary that will accompany the Israelites during their […]

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Menashe and Ephraim: Tying up Loose Ends

December 13, 2010, by

Context: Upon hearing that Yaakov has fallen ill, Yosef gathers his sons, Menashe and Ephraim, and rushes to his father’s bedside. During the ensuing conversation Yaakov takes two dramatic steps that carry powerful practical implications for the future. 1. Yaakov proclaims that Menashe and Ephraim will be considered on par with his own children in […]

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