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Rabbi Chaim Brovender

Rabbi Chaim Brovender

Rabbi Chaim Brovender, Rosh Yeshiva of - the world's first fully interactive online yeshiva - is president of the ATID Foundation.

Psalms – Chapter 90

March 7, 2013, by

Psalm 90 is the first Psalm in the fourth “book” of Psalms. It is also the first in a series of Psalms attributed to Moses. Moses says that G-d has always given the Jewish people a safe refuge in times of danger. G-d was always G-d, even before He created and populated the world. He […]

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Psalms – Chapter 89

March 6, 2013, by

This Psalm is a maskil by “Eisan the Ezrachi.” But who was Eisan (Eitan in Sephardi pronunciation)? Rashi says that, like Heiman, Eisan was one of the sons of Zerach (as per I Chronicles 2:6), but he notes a Talmudic tradition that Eisan is another name for the Patriarch Abraham (see Baba Basra 15a and […]

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Psalms – Chapter 88

March 5, 2013, by

Another Psalm of the sons of Korach, played on an instrument called the machalas l’ananos, which refers to troubles of the afflicted nation in exile. This Psalm is a maskil (a Psalm meant to enlighten) and it is attributed to Heiman. Who was Heiman? There are two men by that name in I Chronicles. The […]

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Psalms – Chapter 87

March 4, 2013, by

A Psalm by the sons of Korach: this Psalm is based on Jerusalem and her holy mountains (including the Temple mount). G-d loves the gates of Jerusalem, especially the gates of the Temple, the spiritual heart of the nation. As precious as the Jewish home is, these gates are more precious still. Jerusalem is a […]

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Psalms – Chapter 86

March 3, 2013, by

A Psalm of David, this one is called tefilla, a prayer. David asks G-d to hear his prayer, because he is poor and destitute. (The Radak says that although David had significant funds to his name, he was unable to access them while on the run from his enemies. This forced him to survive on […]

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Psalms – Chapter 85

March 2, 2013, by

The sons of Korach say that G-d has demonstrated His love for the land of Israel by returning the scattered exiles from their captivity, referring to the Babylonian exile. He has forgiven the people and agreed to overlook their sins. He has restrained His anger and tempered it with mercy. The sons of Korach pray […]

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Psalms – Chapter 84

March 1, 2013, by

Following the Psalms of Asaf, we return to some Psalms by the sons of Korach, last seen in Psalm 49. This Psalm was accompanied on the gittis. How beloved are G-d’s habitations, they say, referring to the Temples, where the sons of Korach say they long to dwell. When they do, they will sing to […]

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Psalms – Chapter 83

February 28, 2013, by

Asaf sings a song to G-d, asking that He not be silent when we are in trouble and that He not be deaf to our prayers. Those who hate Him are making noise and rising up against His nation. They conspire against Israel, who enjoy G-d’s protection. They try to eradicate G-d’s nation altogether. Even […]

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Psalms – Chapter 82

February 27, 2013, by

Asaf continues: G-d stands among groups of pious, sincere Jews who study His Torah. He provides judges with the insight to do their job properly. How long will evil people be permitted to thrive? Judges should show no favoritism: rich or poor, the person who is in the right should triumph. These judges should also […]

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Psalms – Chapter 81

February 26, 2013, by

According to the introductory note, this Psalm of Asaf was played on the instrument called the gittis. Asaf says to sing joyfully to G-d, Who is our strength. (Here He is called the G-d of Jacob, who is the Forefather that went down to Egypt, beginning our very first exile.) Play the harp and cymbals […]

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