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Rabbi Yisroel Meir Paretzky

Merging Cleanliness and G-dliness

October 20, 2009, by

Factory equipment is always a hot topic around the OU Kashruth office. A kosher apparatus poses no problem, of course…but how does the OU cope with devices used for non-kosher products? Join Rabbi Yisroel Paretzky, a Group Leader with OU Kashruth, as he discusses a surprising policy: using equipment in a non-kosher factory for kosher […]

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Bread: Staff of Life, or Stuff of Traif?

January 25, 2008, by

Your local bakery can be a dangerous place – for your Jewishness. Flour and water may be kosher, but so much more than that goes into contemporary baked goods. What would an animal derivative be doing in your apple turnovers and danishes? How could the lowly raisin lead to serious problems? Join Rabbi Yisroel Meir […]

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Shedding Light on the Staff of Life

February 14, 2007, by

If there’s one food that stands at the top of the Jewish “food-chain,” it’s bread. And more goes into certifying it than just checking out flour and water! Rabbi Paretzky, a Rabbinic Coordinator with OU Kashruth and the Group Leader for baked goods, weaves for us a magnificent tapestry in which he clearly elucidates the […]

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What’s Cooking in the Baking Industry?

March 21, 2006, by

Rabbi Yisroel Meir Paretzky, Rabbinic Coordinator & Group Leader, OU Kashruth Division, and senior OU expert in the area of baked goods, shares with us the surprising story behind the kosher manufacture of breads, cakes, and cookies. If you have questions or comments for Rabbi Paretzky please send them to: {encode=”” title=””}

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