Students from Baltimore Yeshiva Visit the Orthodox Union to Learn More about Kashrut

March 25, 2006, by

As part of an ongoing series of visits from schools to the Orthodox Union, students from Torah Institute (Shearith Hapleitah) of Baltimore visited OU headquarters recently to learn more about the vast world of kashrut. Rabbi Abraham Juravel, Co-Director of the OU Kosher Ingredient Approval Registry, shared a late-breaking finding with the students about the […]

OU Launches New Website,, to Answer Passover Queries

March 24, 2006, by

To answer questions that frequently arise during the Passover season, when the dietary laws are different from the ones that govern the rest of the year, OU Kosher has launched a brand new website, The website is a one-stop-shop for all Passover related queries, ranging from recipe substitutes, to cleaning tips, to making a […]

OU and RCA Present Annual Pre-Passover Kashrut Seminar

March 23, 2006, by

The Orthodox Union and the Rabbinical Council of America presented their annual Pre-Passover Seminar for Rabbis this week, addressing a variety of issues that involve the laws of kashrut and holiday observance. The program was webcast and viewed by rabbis around the country and as far away as Germany. Rabbi Yoel Schonfeld was Program Coordinator. […]

An OU Expert Solves the Mystery of How to Make a New York Restaurant Kosher for Passover

March 23, 2006, by

As Passover rapidly approaches, Rabbi Dov Schreier, the Orthodox Union Kosher Division’s Rabbinic Coordinator for Food Services, is making final preparations for certifying leading New York restaurants as OU Kosher for Passover. “The game plans are falling into place and the arrangements are being made for the koshering,” Rabbi Schreier said. “As Pesach approaches, the […]

At Burial of Destroyed Torah Scrolls in New Orleans, OU Delivers Words of Comfort

March 21, 2006, by

In a New Orleans graveside ceremony this past Sunday (March 19), Rabbi Mayer Waxman, Orthodox Union Director of Synagogue Services, participated in the burial of seven Torah scrolls belonging to Beth Israel Congregation that were destroyed, along with the synagogue itself, during Hurricane Katrina. The OU has been working with the RCA and Yeshiva University […]

OU to Present Community Lunch and Learn: Preparing for Passover

March 17, 2006, by

As Passover approaches, the Orthodox Union will present Community Lunch and Learn: Preparing for Passover, a series of three weekly sessions which will take place Wednesday, March 22, Thursday, March 30, and Thursday, April 6. The series, which is a program of the OU’s Department of Community and Synagogue Services, will be held at OU […]

What’s Kosher For Passover? The OU’s Annual Guide Has All The Answers

March 17, 2006, by

Jewish households across the country can breathe a sigh of relief since the Orthodox Union’s indispensable OU Passover Guide for Kosher for Passover Foods for 2006 has just been released. This special edition of the OU’s Jewish Action magazine comes out annually and delineates domestic items that are acceptable for Passover use. In the Guide, […]