OU Kosher Colleagues Share Their Program in New In-House Program

January 9, 2007, by

Who better to inform the experts at OU Kosher about the latest developments in the constantly evolving world of food production than other experts at OU Kosher? The OU Kashrut Division has instituted a series of monthly in-house presentations in which colleagues bring senior staff and rabbis in the field up to date on specialties other than their own.

Coming to a Long Island Community Near You: OU’s Friday Nights Lights Shine Brightly Across U.S.

January 9, 2007, by

It all began during a NCSY brainstorming session about a year-and-a-half ago when the youth program team pulled their heads together to come up with an innovative way to reach unaffiliated Jewish teenagers. The panacea devised at OU headquarters was Friday Night Lights, which to many conveys Texas high school football, from the popular book, movie and current TV show of the same name, but to Jewish teenagers from Long Island to Los Angeles, it is an unforgettable Sabbath experience.

OU To Provide Guidance to Sandwich Generation Members from January 7 to 21

January 5, 2007, by

In recognition that much of its core constituency is part of what has come to be known as The Sandwich Generation — people who on a daily basis are faced with balancing the demands of aging parents with the demands of children and grandchildren — the Orthodox Union has undertaken a worldwide program to offer advice to members of this often beleaguered and ever-growing group.

Two OU Member Congregations in Memphis To Present Positive Jewish Parenting Program, January 28

January 5, 2007, by

Two Orthodox Union member congregations in Memphis, Anshei Sphard Beth El Emeth Congregation (ASBEE) and Baron Hirsch Congregation are teaming up with the OU’s Department of Community Services to bring Positive Jewish Parenting to strengthen parenting skills and provide advice from leading Orthodox mental health professionals to the community. The program will be held at the ASBEE, 120 East Yates Road, on Sunday, January 28, 6:30 p.m.

OU to Award a Grant of up to $20,000 to Synagogue Presenting Best Outreach Initiative

January 3, 2007, by

With the assimilation rate in the North American Jewish community hovering at 50 percent or above, and with a large number of unaffiliated or marginally affiliated Jewish individuals and families, the Orthodox Union is calling on its synagogue network to actively respond by creating a synagogue-based outreach program targeted at unaffiliated Jews with minimal or marginal synagogue involvement.

Reaching a Milestone: OU Tefilla Card Sales Pass $100,000 Mark

December 28, 2006, by

Reaching a major milestone, sales of the Orthodox Union’s Mi Sheberach Le Tzahal Tefilla (prayer) card program for the welfare of the soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces have now exceeded $100,000, with all of the funds raised already having been distributed, most recently prior to the Sukkot festival. The funds go to Israeli soldiers and their families in financial straits. Prior to Sukkot, they also provided for holiday gift packages distributed to soldiers on their bases by American volunteers.

Canadian Jewish Teenager Observes the American Gov’t in Action on an NCSY Program

December 27, 2006, by

What’s a Canadian teenager doing observing the American government in action? Adira Winegust, 17, of Thornhill, Ontario, one of five of this year’s Senator Joseph Lieberman Scholars, a program of NCSY, is in the United States on a mission. She wants to offer her unique, Canadian viewpoint on the American political system as well as inform her fellow Canadians about how the system works.