Not My Usual Column

July 31, 2014, by

I know you are used to me writing on matters of health, fitness, lifestyle, nutrition and the like. But now I am going to take advantage of my column space and tell you about something else entirely. My wife and I will have lived in Eretz Yisrael for 29 years this August. We have raised

Ask Aviva: OK to be Obsessed

July 31, 2014, by

Dear Aviva, I have a problem that I can’t seem to get rid of. I guess you would say that I have obsessive thoughts. There are some things that I am always obsessed about (like if people like me and if I look ok), and there are other things, like if a tragedy happened, then

Putting East Brunswick On The Map

July 31, 2014, by

As first time participants in the OU Home and Job Relocation Fair (popularly known as the OU Jewish Communities Fair), representatives of the Young Israel of East Brunswick (YIEB) in central New Jersey knew a game plan was necessary to achieve their goal of enticing young families to move there. Priding itself as “a one

5 Steps to a Perfect Apology

July 31, 2014, by

As we enter the Nine Days, we are reminded of the Talmudic dictum, “kol dor she lo nivneh b’yamav, k’ilu hechrivo,” “each generation in which the Holy Temple is not rebuilt in its days is as if it destroyed it” (Talmud YerushalmiYoma 5a). The Second Temple was destroyed due to baseless hatred, sinas chinam, (Talmud

“Why Do They Ask the Impossible of the Jews?”

July 29, 2014, by

This post originally appeared on Anne Frank’s Diary Read Today I recently finished reading the Diary of Anne Frank. Toward the end of book, Anne describes how the people of Holland (where she is hiding) have started to become more antisemitic, even as they are all hoping to be liberated from the Nazis. She

The Miracle Called Nature

July 29, 2014, by

Imagine that I am running a Torah organization, and funds are tight. Things are so bad that it looks like we might have to close down. I decide to take action, and I’m not wasting time. I’m going straight to the top. I’m going to find myself the most famous, hidden Kabbalist in all of

Summer Vacation in Israel Canceled…for Torah

July 29, 2014, by

Reposted from The Jerusalem Post online. The major hassidic groups in Israel will not run the usual summer vacation programs for students from the Fast of the Ninth of Av to the beginning of the Jewish month of Elul because of the current military campaign several hassidic spokesmen said on Tuesday. The large Gur, Belz,

The Difference Between Emunah and Bitachon

July 24, 2014, by

Reprinted with permission from The Rambam defines emunah as the knowledge that Hashem created and continues to run all of Creation. In Shemoneh Perakima, he delineates the first of the Thirteen Principles of Faith: “The Creator, blessed be He, created and orchestrates all activities, and He alone did, does and will do all actions.”