A Spontaneous Decision That Made an Impact

September 23, 2014, by

It was a spontaneous decision to book a flight to Israel this summer the same day the flight left, but Batya Resnick couldn’t resist the opportunity to be part of a mission—the OU Solidarity mission—to strengthen the spirits of her Jewish brothers and sisters under fire. As rocket fire began escalating, Batya, a 22-year-old graduate

Custom-made Judaism

September 18, 2014, by

As a delinquent high school student, David Schottenstein toured the globe — jumping from one Jewish high school to the next. “My cousin used to say that I was escorted from the finest yeshivas in the world,” he laughed, recalling the various adventures he had as he crisscrossed the United States and Europe, traveling from

The Fourth Level of Emunah – Hashem Is Here

September 16, 2014, by

Imagine you are walking down a dimly lit street. It’s the middle of February, late at night, and you’re in a part of town you don’t normally frequent. You look around—not a soul to be seen. “It’s mighty quiet,” you think to yourself. You tighten your coat and walk a bit quicker, listening to the

Ask Aviva: Messy Mommy

September 11, 2014, by

Dear Aviva, I promised myself all summer that this year would be different for my kids and husband. They will not have to live in a messy house where mommy doesn’t know where anything is. But school is here, I am working slightly more hours, I am ready to give up but I really don’t

The Simplest Way to Save Lives (& Change Oneself)

September 11, 2014, by

Most of us are repulsed by the sight of blood. We bandage our razor-thin papercuts. We purchase pre-salted, pre-packaged meats. When reading about the avodah, some of us are secretly relieved not to witness the messy scene of sprinkled blood and animal carcasses. Most of us associate blood with war, pain, death or vampire stories.

Study Sheds Light on Jews of the Titanic

September 8, 2014, by

How many Jews were aboard the Titanic before it sank? This question will likely forever remain unanswered. “According to the White Star Line company’s list, there were several hundred Jews onboard,” says Eli Moskowitz, who studied the story of the Jewish passengers on the most famous ship in history, which sank 102 years ago, claiming

Your Private Information Has Been Hacked

September 5, 2014, by

A terribly disturbing scandal occurred this week that generated varying reactions. A number of celebrities who saved highly personal pictures in a storage cloud were hacked and their revealing pictures were leaked online. When the FBI catches those responsible, they could face hundreds of years in prison for the crimes they committed and the damage

Jewish Unity in Hitler’s Shadow

September 4, 2014, by

A picture is worth a thousand words. Though not as well-known as other Nazi centers of death, the Sachsenhausen concentration camp in Oranienburg held political prisoners from 1936 until the end of the Third Reich in May 1945. We visited the camp on the third day of our recent OU NCSY Alumni/Germany Close Up trip,

Why Do People Leave Orthodox Judaism? Why Do People Stay?

September 4, 2014, by

This article originally appeared on The most common question I was asked after The Summit last spring was if I learned anything particularly insightful into the Orthodox Jewish experience to explain why some people stay in Orthodox Judaism and why others leave. People really want to know the answer to this question. I think

Slice of Life: Layered Salads

September 4, 2014, by

  Summer is over. Ok, not truly officially over but rather in a school has started, pools are closed and High Holiday items are showing up in grocery aisles kind of over. However, the temperature still hasn’t gotten the memo about dropping to a tolerablelevel and I’m still in wanting toeat cool meals without heating