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Living with the Gulf War

November 23, 2012, by

Backtrack to 1990-1991 when our family came to Israel to spend a teaching Sabbatical year in Israel. We rented an apartment in Rechavia just touching Shaarai Chessed. We reaped the benefits of living within walking distance to the Kotel , and still davening in the Shules in the neighborhood. like the Great Synagogue and Bais

Some Thoughts on the Situation

November 23, 2012, by

Some thoughts on the situation ON Shabbat night our false sense of tranquility was shattered. We live in Gush Etzion, surrounded by an Arab population…they wouldn’t dare! Then the siren went sounded..memories of the Gulf War…and within seconds..BOOM.. A missile lands a few kilometers from our home (they were aiming for Jerusalem..the unthinkable!) This afternoon..at

The Shmirah Project

November 21, 2012, by

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – 11/20/2012 We are running a group that matches IDF soldiers with people around the world to do a good deed or pray in their merit. www.shmiraproject.com or www.protectisraelisoldiers.com In Israel many people sign on with www.eleflamate.com Texting / calling option in US is 443-203-8592 Calling in Israel: 02-581-1911 We are looking

A Jew Among Jews

November 21, 2012, by

Motzei Shavbos we returned to Yerushalayim. Do we stay in or go out when our boys are being called up to the front? We didn’t want Hamas to be able to say that they had affected a change in behavior so we go out.

I’m in America in college, My friends are in the IDF

November 20, 2012, by

This past summer, I decided it was time to go on my birthright to Israel. That decision changed my life. With 40 other students from New York, I traveled to the tiny state that was imbedded with so much culture and history. Soon enough these 40 strangers became my new family, my misphacha. Around the

Beer Sheva 11 20, 2012

November 20, 2012, by

Imagine going to work today. You are rushed and the bus is full. A siren sounds and the bus stops as it is required to do. Passengers get off, and find some building, some cover in the minute or less they have. They hear the sound of the rockets comming in and the anti rockets

Myth vs. Fact About Registering For FEMA Aid

November 18, 2012, by

Release date: NOVEMBER 16, 2012 Release Number: 4086-014 TRENTON, N.J.– It’s important to know the difference between myth and fact in the aftermath of a hurricane. Survivors need accurate information on registering for FEMA aid and on what they may be eligible to receive. The best rule of thumb: if you’re unsure if you are

An 18th Birthday

November 16, 2012, by

Yesterday was my youngest daughter’s 18th birthday. All she had asked for was for the family to join her in watching a movie with popcorn, a simple enough celebration. My middle son works in Netivot, so he wasn’t present. We spent a fair amount of the early part of the day huddled together in our