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Elad Nehorai

The Power of a Teacher

March 4, 2014, by

I remember his soft voice. The way he would lean over my desk and point out what I was doing wrong in a way that never felt judgmental or harsh.  Just a gentle reminder that I was on a longer journey and this was a step on the path. I never thought I’d like a

Dear Israel: I Love You, But I’m Losing You

February 7, 2014, by

Dear Israel, I love you.  With all my heart.  And yet, I am afraid we’re growing apart. I love you because you are the home of my parents.  They were born there.  My mother’s mother’s side was with you for generations.  You saved my mother’s father from the Holocaust.  You brought in my father’s Iranian

I Didn’t Love My Wife When We Got Married

October 2, 2013, by

Like most Hasidic Jews, our dating period lasted a very short time. After two months, we were engaged and three months after that, we were married. This fire was burning in me: I was in love…. But then we got married, and everything changed.