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Serach bas Asher (ca. 1540 B.C.E. – “Never”)

February 11, 2014, by

The Midrash “Derech Eretz Zuta 1” says that Serach, the daughter ofAsher, was one of the nine individuals in Jewish History who never died, but entered alive into “Gan Eden.” One of the reasons she merited eternal life and this great reward is that she was the one who gently revealed to Yaakov Avinu that […]

Seven Commands of the “Sons of “Noach”/Noah

June 20, 2006, by

These commands are presumably “built into” the soul or conscience of the human being. The seven commands are: a. Not to engage in the practice of idol-worship b. Not to “Bless [euphemism for "curse"] the Divine Name c. Not to Murder d. Not to engage in Sexual Transgressions e. Not to engage in Theft f. […]


February 11, 2014, by

“Shaas” – the Hebrew abbreviation (“Shin” – “Samech”) for “ShishahSedarim,” or the Six “Orders” of the Mishnah, compiled by RabbiYehudah HaNasi, Rabbi Judah the Prince, otherwise known as “Rebbe” The names and basic contents of the “Orders” are: “Zeraim” – literally, “Seeds;” dealing primarily with Laws of an agricultural nature, particularly those that apply only […]


June 20, 2006, by

[m., pl. generally not used]; mixture of wool and linen, a combination prohibited by the Torah. This is one of the Laws of the Torah known as “Chukim,” “Decrees,” for which there is no obvious rational explanation, but which are obeyed nevertheless, simply because they are the “decrees of the King;” namely, HaShem, G-d Himself. […]


June 20, 2006, by

The Sabbath; the “Day of Rest” of Hashem, so to speak, the Day on which He completed the Creation of the Universe and all that is in it (Bereishit 2:1 – 3). He conferred Holiness and Majesty upon this Day, and commanded that the Jewish People observe it as a Day of Rest. He commanded […]


June 20, 2006, by

a Name of G-d, based on concept of “the One who said to His universe, ‘Enough!’ ” based on the Hebrew word, “Dai,” meaning “enough,” (as when He defined the natural laws that stop the sea from advancing onto the land, and the natural laws that keep the celestial bodies fixed in their proper orbits). […]


June 20, 2006, by

[m.; pl. "shelomim"]; peace, hello, goodbye, a “Name” of Hashem; peace (which is a positive quality, not just the absence of war) – therefore, a most appropriate greeting representing “hello” or “goodbye;” as in the Friday Night greeting sung to the two Angels who accompany each person home after Services in shul, “Shalom Aleichem, Malachei […]

Shalom Bayit

June 20, 2006, by

[m., pl. generally not used]; domestic tranquility; peace in the home; the highest ideal of Jewish marriage. One is even permitted to tell a falsehood for the purpose of restoring “Shalom Bayit,” as Aharon HaKohen, Aharon the Priest, the first marriage counselor, albeit unlicensed, would do in cases where a marriage had developed problems. He […]


June 20, 2006, by

Feast of Weeks; the Time of the Giving of the Torah. This represented the Spiritual Redemption of the Jewish People, the culmination of Sefirat HaOmer, which was the link from Passover, which represented Physical Redemption.