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BH Yom Yom


February 9, 2014, by

[1 Sivan] The Flood’s waters began to recede. Bnei Yisrael arrived in the wilderness of Sinai. Korach and his followers vanished into the depth of the earth. Massacre of the Jews of Worms during the First Crusade, 1096. Yahrzeit of Rabbi Israel Ashkenazi of Shklov, leader of the aliya of the followers of the Vilna […]


February 9, 2014, by

[1 Tammuz] Yaakov and family went down to Mitzrayim (according to one source. This would be the establishment of the first voluntary Jewish settlement outside of Eretz Yisrael). Many Jews were killed by a riotous mob in Seville, 1391. The riots spread throughout Spain. Yahrzeit of Rabbi Shlomo Kluger, 1869. Massacre of 2300 Lithuanian Jews […]


February 9, 2014, by

[7 Tevet] Three leaders of Babylonian Jewry were arrested by Persian officials, 468, sparking a wave of persecution of the Jews of Babylonia. Supposed liberties granted Russian Jews by the Czar in 1804, actually spelled economic ruin for much of the Jewish community. The Prussian government decreed that Jewish services must be conducted in strict […]


February 9, 2014, by

[1 Tishrei] Sixth day of Creation, bears, cows, human being. Birthday of Kayin and Hevel. Sarah, Rachel, Chana each prayed for offspring and were answered favorably on Rosh HaShana. Yosef was released from prison. The Jews in Egypt were freed from slavery (they did not leave the land until Pesach, but…). Zerubavel brought the first […]