Blended Love

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Serena is the very first one to step into the auditorium, her steps timed to the beat of “Pomp and Circumstance” banged out on the old piano. She is the shortest by a hair of the twelfth-grade… Read more

Leaving Egypt in Romania

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It was the first night of Pesach, and on a holiday that celebrates questions, I began by asking one. “Where are we tonight?” We were 150 people, participants in a communal Seder I led last year in… Read more

Life As a Happy Single Person

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I bought couches. They are beige, with button detail on the sides and dark wood trim. I bought a variety of pillows to go on them, chocolate brown and light blue—silk, suede and cotton. I rearranged… Read more

The Art of Leading a Seder

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Participating in a Seder comes naturally to those who grew up in observant families or who had the benefit of a Jewish day school education. But what about ba’alei teshuvah or those who don’t have an… Read more

The Sound of My Thoughts

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I often hear people talk about the awakening power of the sound of the shofar—how awesome a moment, how inspiring an experience it is for them. From the perspective of one who blows the shofar, the… Read more

Weeping and Wishing

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This is a most personal article and reflects my emotions and hopes about my beloved Jewish people. Almost a year ago a friend of mine sent me a Hebrew book as a gift. Because of other commitments, I… Read more