Mixed Breed

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I was once told a charming story about a Chassidic rebbe, whose name I’ve conveniently forgotten, who prepared rigorously for every mitzvah. On erev Sukkos he sat up all night, staring at his esrog… Read more

Taking the Plunge

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Ah, summer. Barbeques. Sun. Long Shabbatot, beaches and blue skies. And the kids? They’re in day camp, having a blast. They bounce from baseball to hockey, from arts and crafts to learning, to music,… Read more

The True Simchah

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Early this year, my family celebrated the wedding of my nephew Simcha in Baltimore, Maryland. The wedding was lovely. The chatan and kallah radiated a sense of infectious joy. And since I live in… Read more

The Storyteller

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As a volunteer leader of Seders in small Jewish communities in a former Communist country, I usually devote my introductory remarks to quickly explain why we have come together. I don’t turn to a… Read more

Of Cholent and Queens

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OK, I’ll admit it: Royalty these days is nothing but a puff of smoke and mirrors. But there I was, in the holy city of Jerusalem, a grandmother and retired community rebbetzin, glued to a small,… Read more

Back to the Beit Midrash

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On the far left side of the beit midrash, three rows from the back of the room, one seat in at a narrow wooden table, is my makom kavua, my accustomed place to sit. Once a year. With few exceptions, I… Read more