Kosher @ Work

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Do you have a work-related kashrut question? Send it to, and it may be featured in our newest column dedicated to exploring the multitude of kashrut issues that confront the Orthodox Jew in… Read more

Wholesome Delights

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Winter, in my mind, always invokes hearty soups, meats, chilies and other delicious dishes that permeate the house with their wonderful aromas. Barley Soup with Miso 10 servings This soup differs from… Read more

Debugging Your Home

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Over the past year, bug infestation in produce has gained considerable attention in the kosher world. The purpose of this article is to separate fact from myth, and to provide some practical pointers… Read more

Say Cheese!

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On Shavuot many Jews have the custom of eating dairy. There are various explanations offered for this custom, one being that the Torah, which was given on Shavuot, is likened to milk. Read more

The Kosherizer

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It was well before sunrise when he pulled his car into the darkened parking lot. Stepping out onto the wet pavement, he paused to reflect on the events of the preceding evening that had brought him to… Read more