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Fighting the Taf Guys

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By Jack Abramowitz Shabbos. There, I said it. Shabbos. Sukkos. Shavuos. Mitzvos. Matzos. Shalosh seudos. Baba Basra. It feels good to get that off my chest. Readers may not realize how much I’m… Read more


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For my wife and me, like many of this magazine’s readers, Pesach conjures up memories of being with family, sitting around a table together and sharing a special Seder with loved ones. Many of the… Read more

Life Beyond New York

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Your article “Rebuilding Oceanside in the Aftermath of Sandy” by Bayla Sheva Brenner (winter 2013) stated that “Oceanside stepped up to rebuild its shul.” That would indicate there is but one Orthodox… Read more

OU Helps Anglos Find Jobs

by | in Inside the OU

By Michael Orbach The OU Job Board’s activities aren’t limited to helping Americans find work. This year, the OU Job Board will be running its fourth job fair in Israel. Back in 2007, OU Job Board… Read more

Debating Hollywood Culture

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I cannot agree with Robert Avrech’s assessments of Hollywood culture (“Confessions of a Shomer Shabbos Hollywood Screenwriter,” winter 2013). The struggle for marriage equality does not in any way… Read more